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5 Parts Every 9th Gen Civic Si Needs!

February 02, 2023 3 min read

5 Parts Every 9th Gen Civic Si Needs!

Honda's 9th Generation Honda Civic Si started off as a slightly better base level car until it was refreshed for 2014. With exterior and interior upgrades completely changing the look and feel of the car after two models years there were some areas of the car that got overlooked. 

This quick guide gives you some insight on the Top 5 things that we think EVERY 2012-2015 Honda Civic Si needs!

Problem #1: It's Just TOO QUIET! 

Who wants a sporty car, built with a great naturally aspriated engine and a silent exhaust note? NOT US! The natural tone of the K24Z7 needs to be heard!  

The solution: DC Sports Stainless Steel Catback Exhaust

The DC Sports Catback exhaust for the 12-15 Civic Si Sedan not only increases performance by reducing exhaust back pressure but it really helps improve the driving experince. Its deep tone isn't overbearing. The low-drone designed mufflers offer a nice rumble that has defined the Honda K24 engine. 

Problem #2: Rev Hang! 

Honda's factory calibration of the throttle pedal on the 9th Gen Civic Si hit an all time low. Drive the car hard and you'll notice huge dips in power and the engine speed like to hang while shifting. If you have ever driven one of these cars you'll immediately notice the delay which requires serious effort to smooth out. 

The solution:Hondata Flashpro 

The Hondata Flashpro is probably the best mod for the dollar when you consider all of the things it can offer. Not only will this increase power (when tuned by a professional) but it also makes the car drive much better. The improved throttle tables help smooth out the throttle body movement allowing for quicker heel-toe down shifts and it eliminates the weird throttle delay at high RPM. 


Problem #3: Catching / grinding gears while shifting fast! 

The K24Z7's drivetrain isn't immune from Honda's attempt on dampening the force sent through the shift forks. However, because of their effort, it makes shifting fast and smooth a serious challenge. 

The Solution: Hybrid Racing Clutch Release System

Our clutch release system allows the driver to dial in the clutch engagement position. It removes the factory rubber line and dampened master / slave cylinders which offers a more direct and consistant pedal. Removing the delay valves also gives you full control of how much force you want to send to your transmission.

Problem #4 - Sloppy Shifts! 

We know Honda is reknown for having some of the best feeling manual transmissions, but sometimes that can't be said for their shifters. The stock Civic Si's shifter base is molded from plastic and has many plastic parts that wear out over time. Combine that with a soft spring leave your gear changes feeling weak and inconsistant. 

The Solution! Hybrid Racing Shifter Assembly 

Our shifters have tig welded steel frames, machined aluminum arms and aircraft grade bearings. These parts are manufactured with precision and hand assembled by specific technicans at our facility. Adjust your shifter throw, knob position and knob height so you can dial what feels best to you. One gear change and you will instantly feel the difference! 

 Problem #5 - Engine Response

Factory air intake systems can be so restrictive they affect how the engine responds to light and heavy throttle demands. Heavy, complex factory airbox systems must mitigate many factors inclusing emissions, sound levels, ease of filter replacement and above all, cost.

The Solution: DC Sports Short Ram Intake

In general, a shorter intake tube will naturally increase response you get from the powertrain. The DC Sports short ram improves that engine response while offering a better induction sound and adding a few horsepower in the process. No need to worry about failing inspections with this part since it is 50-state legal.

Thanks for reading along! There are tons of other awesome parts available for the 12-15 Honda Civic Si, so if you have any questions about them be sure to send us an email! 

Be sure to check our more mods here!


David Cordell
David Cordell

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