The Spark: A Passion for Performance

In 2001, the import scene was taking off, and our founder William Davidson was right in the middle of it. His first build was an '89 white CRX with a turbo ZC motor, complete with a Wings West kit and a turbo. He spent countless hours and hard-earned money on this car, fueled by his love for performance and a dream to go faster in his Honda.

During his journey, William faced numerous obstacles: scams, low-quality parts, and unhelpful shops. These experiences only fueled his determination to create a better solution for car enthusiasts like himself. Teaming up with close friends, they set out to improve existing products and push the boundaries of Honda performance.

In 2002, they decided to explore the potential of the then-unheard-of K-series engine, developed by Honda. They liked what they saw and recognized the need for parts to make K-series swaps possible. Thus, Hybrid Racing was born. In 2003, they registered as a company, and with their earnings from local swaps, they secured a small workshop to kick-start their venture.

As a team of young enthusiasts, they vowed to change how shops dealt with customers and develop products that made people say "wow." Hybrid Racing became the first company to release EG mounts, plug-and-play harnesses, AC kits, shifter cables, fuel line kits, clutch lines, and many other K-series swap parts. They supported the community and gave back with their time and money, researching new products to make going fast in a Honda easier.

Hybrid Racing created a shop where customers could call and ask questions without any strings attached. No attitude, just a simple "Hey, how can we help?" We understand that you may be working on a swap with a buddy or tweaking your setup for a race, and you'll likely have questions. We're here to offer our experience and support.

Today, Hybrid Racing continues to innovate and maintain its customer-first approach. We're quick to respond wherever you message us and always take care of our clients, no matter what. Whether you're researching parts for a K-series swap or just want an intake, give us a call or send us an email. We're committed to helping you get the parts you need. We are here for you and only sell parts we use and believe in. Trust that you'll receive top-notch customer service and high-quality parts with Hybrid Racing.