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Swift Springs Spec-R for 2012-15 Civic Si / ILX SSU-4H915R
Swift Springs Spec-R for 2012-15 Civic Si / ILX SSU-4H915R
Swift Springs Spec-R for 2012-15 Civic Si / ILX SSU-4H915R

Swift Springs Spec-R for 2012-15 Civic Si / ILX

  • Track tested and tuned for optimum performance while maintaining a quality ride

  • Lowers the vehicle while staying within the tolerance of usable stroke.

  • Improves ride comfort and increases handling

  • Lowers your 2012-15 Civic Si and ILX by 1.2 inch in the front and 1 inch in the rear

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These springs were developed for the 2012-15 Civic Si and ILX to enhance their unique characteristics. The Swift Spec-R springs were designed to ensure a luxurious ride and a sporty feel, all while improving the overall performance.  

Swift Spec-R Springs is designed to meet the demands of driving enthusiasts and style-minded drivers who want improved handling and a lower ride height without sacrificing ride comfort.

From HPDE events to SCCA competition, the Swift Spec-R Sport Springs are made for the track enthusiast who wants to take their vehicle to the next level.

Most enthusiasts are familiar with the typical harsh ride with lowering springs. This is because some manufacturers only focus on lowering the vehicle for aesthetics, which often leads to decreased traction and excessive wear on shocks. Unlike the rest of the competition, Swift Sport Springs were engineered with a proprietary steel alloy (H5S.TW) and a unique winding method that provides superior comfort and handling.

The Swift Spec-R Springs are designed for track duty and built at the OEM shock valves' upper limits. They have been track tested and tuned for optimum performance while maintaining the quality ride you get from the showroom. The Spec-R Springs are wound with the same engineering and material as the Sport Springs but with a higher spring rate and modified ride height to maximize optimal suspension geometry.

Swift Springs utilizes a spring design with fewer coils, reducing un-sprung mass and eliminating the chance of coil binding while also increasing the usable stroke. The proprietary material (H5S.TW) has a quicker transient response, allowing a smoother ride on harsh road surfaces. With the Swift Sport Springs, both street and circuit users can expect an increase in suspension tuning performance and comfort.
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Front: -1.2 inch 
Rear: -1.0 inch 

Spring rate  
Front: 4.7 kg/mm  
Rear: 5.4 kg/mm 

Note: Vehicle drop rate is based on the year, model, and option of the test vehicle, and may vary based on each vehicle condition. All testing is done on the manufacture's original shock absorbers. Replacing the shock absorbers with the aftermarket could change the ride height. All the specs on the chart are subject to change without any notice. 
What are Swift Springs? 
Located in Tokyo, Japan, Swift Springs is a division of the Tohatsu Corporation and have been making industrial springs since 1924. The company is led by former racer and suspension expert Kei Yokota and Chief Engineer Yasu Saito. 
Swift Springs is known for creating the best suspension coil springs. They focus on four essential factors when manufacturing springs: consistency in spring rate, the largest amount of stroke, highest durability against loss of spring height, and lightest weight. To achieve this, they created a proprietary steel alloy called HS5.TW and a unique winding method to manufacture the springs. These methods set Swift Springs apart from the standard springs in the market. 

Why Swift Springs? 
Swift Springs has a long history in motorsports, dating back to 1998. They have worked with world-class race teams in various races such as Le Mans 24hrs, Nürburgring 24hrs, Super GT (JGTC), Super Taikyu Series, D-1 World Grand Prix, F3, F3000, Formula Toyota, Circle Track Racing (asphalt/dirt), and many others. Their expertise and experience in the racing industry have allowed them to become one of the most recognized and respected names in performance coil springs. 

Are Swift Springs the best? 
Swift Springs is a company that combines decades of experience in the spring industry with a passion for motorsports. They use their expertise and proprietary technology to create the best suspension coil springs in the market. Whether you're a professional racer or a weekend enthusiast, you can trust Swift Springs to give you a competitive edge on the track. 
Swift Springs guarantee that they'll last as long as you own your vehicle. We're confident in the durability and longevity of our springs, so you can be too.