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Supertech 5.5mm Valve Lock 7 Degrees (Set of 32) SPT-KPR-01-01

Supertech 5.5mm Valve Lock 7 Degrees (Set of 32)

  • Pack of 32

  • Compatible with RSX, Civic Si, and TSX

  • Ideal for Dual Valve Springs

  • Ensure Optimal Valvetrain Stability and Durability

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Elevate your valvetrain performance with Supertech 5.5mm 7 degrees Valve Locks. Sold in convenient packs of 32, these valve locks are an essential component of Supertech's precision-matched Valve/Spring/Retainer kits, designed for a complete valvetrain overhaul. The Dual Valve Springs Kit can be found here: Supertech K/F Series Dual Valve Springs. Crafted for enthusiasts who demand the best, Supertech Valve Locks are unparalleled in terms of performance, quality, and value. These valve locks ensure optimal valvetrain stability and durability and are compatible with most aftermarket and stock retainers. The Supertech Locks are designed specifically for K20A2, K20Z1, K20Z3, and K24A2 engines, these valve locks are compatible with a range of high-performance Honda and Acura models, including the 2001-2005 Acura RSX Type-R, 2002-2006 Acura RSX Type-S, 2004-2006 Acura TSX, and 2006-2010 Honda Civic Si. Upgrade your valvetrain with Supertech and experience the pinnacle of performance engineering.  
2001-2006 Acura RSX Type-S/Honda Integra Type R (DC5)
2006-2011 Honda Civic Si/Type R
2004-2006 Acura TSX/Honda Accord Euro R (CL7)