SpeedFactory Racing Honda/Acura B-Series Race Cooling System Fill Pots

SpeedFactory Racing Honda/Acura B-Series Race Cooling System Fill Pots

  • 18.8 PSI Radiator Cap Included

  • Increases Capacity by 0.75 QT

  • Easy System Filling and Bleeding

  • Track Tested Performance

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SpeedFactory Racing Honda/Acura B-Series RACE Cooling System Fill Pots are designed to ease the maintenance of a custom cooling system.These fill pots are compatible with most aftermarket radiator setups, and change the high point of the cooling system for easy filling and system air bleeding. Additionally the cooling system's capacity will also be increased by approximately 1 quart.Each SpeedFactory Cooling System Fill Pot includes a Moroso 31-33 LB radiator cap, which will increase cooling efficiency of the system by increasing the boiling point. These improvements help to achieve increased cooling performance and protect the engine from overheating even in the most extreme racing conditions.

**Please note: SpeedFactory RACE Coolant Fill Pots will not clear applications using a factory distributor or distributor housing. For applications still utilizing a distributor, view the street version of the fill pots.
SpeedFactory Racing B-Series Cooling System Fill Pots are available for B16/ Integra Type R/ GS-R cylinder heads in -16AN or 32mm (standard hose end) configurations.
For B-Series