RV6 Performance 16+ Civic 2.0L Catted Downpipe

RV6 Performance 16+ Civic 2.0L Catted Downpipe

  • 304 Stainless - Tig Welded

  • Argon Back Purged For Purity

  • 2.5” Tubing

  • For K20C2 Equipped Cars

 - $669.00

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The RV6 Catted Downpipe for the 16+ Civic w/ K20C2 is designed for exceptional flow while retaining a catalytic converter. A cast 304 stainless transition is used to connect the K-series to 2.5” 304 stainless tubing. 3D modeling was used to optimize fluid dynamics, providing a turbulence free flow. 

Optimal flow would be a moot point if the exhaust system didn’t have exceptional fit & finish. The entire system was designed using the latest CAD/CMM modeling for an extremely precise fit. Every joint is TIG welded by hand, with the system being back purged for purity.

Many 10th gen civic owners were disappointed with the K-series’ factory integrated exhaust manifold that effectively eliminated conventional ‘headers’. The OE parts are stamped and welded with no consideration for flow. 2 catalytic cores choke the engine of a good amount of power. The RV6 Downpipe addresses this with a singular, 300 cell high flowing cat.   

Note: Processing takes an additional 7 to 14 business days for ceramic coating.

2016-2021 Honda Civic 2.0L (K20C2)
2022+ Honda Civic 2.0L (K20C2)
2018-2022 Honda Accord
2023+ Acura Integra Type S
3 X M10-1.25 X 42mm Stud (HSTU00001)
4 X M10-1.25 Flanged Lock Nut (HFLN00002)
1 X M10-1.25 X 20mm Flange Bolt (HFB00002)
1 X Honda Gasket (18115-R40-A01) (GA00001)
1 X Wire Harness