RV6 Performance 13-17 Accord V6/15-20 TLX Long Tube J-Pipe RV6-MID-01-03

RV6 Performance 13-17 Accord V6/15-20 TLX Long Tube J-Pipe

  • Full 304 Stainless Construction

  • 2.25” Primaries / 2.5” Outlet

  • For J-Series Honda Engines

  • Equal Length, Long Tube

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Ever since their first J-Pipe in 2007, RV6 has been constantly improving and optimizing their design and manufacturing practices. This exhaust system, suitable for both the J-powered Accord & FWD TLX, is the accumulation of years of experience building similar solutions. This piece installs like the original, with no cutting or welding required.

The Honda J-Series gets one of RV6’s smoothest flowing pipes to date. This J-Pipe uses a full length runner for optimized exhaust scavenging, giving a bump in power across the rev range. The factory system nonchalantly links the exhaust of both cylinder banks with no consideration for even pulse length. Sure, it’s easy to manufacture, but performance suffers. The RV6 J-Pipe joins both exhaust streams in a gradual merge before it exits through a 2.5” outlet. 

RV6 builds exhaust components down to the finest details. This piece is end-to-end 304 stainless steel: the tubing, flanges, flex pipes, hangers, and brackets. It is fully TIG welded by master welders, not before being back purged to ensure it looks as good on the inside as the outside. Triple lined interlock flex pipes are used to relieve stress from the entire system and combat thermal expansion. No corners were cut on this design.
2015-2020 Acura TLX (FWD 3.5L)
2013-2017 Honda Accord (3.5L)  
Locking Nuts
Hanger Bracket