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OEM Honda VTC Filter OHA-15845-RAA-A01
OEM Honda VTC Filter OHA-15845-RAA-A01

Honda VTC Filter for K-Seires 15845-RAA-A01

  • Genuine Honda OEM part

  • VTC solenoid gasket and filter

  • Fits K20 and K24 engines

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The VTC filter gasket (15845-RAA-A01) is a genuine Honda OEM part. It is a filter assembly for the VTC system and is compatible with all k20 and k24 engines from 2002-2015.  
Replacing this part can fix the P2646 code, which is often caused by a lack of oil in the VTC solenoid. A clogged filter can also lead to a loss of oil pressure and prevent the engine from entering VTEC. If you are experiencing the P2646 code or performing a refresh on your engine, we recommend changing the VTC filter and gasket.
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