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Insane Shafts


Insane Shafts - K-Series Swap 500HP Axles (92-00 Civic, 90-01 Integra, 99-06 Insight, 09-14 FIT)

  • Made for street & track
  • Capable of holding 500hp
  • Designed for K-swapped cars
  • 26 Spline Outer Joints
  • Includes new axle nuts
  • Pair of 2 axles (Left and Right)

  • Insane Shafts axles are more superior than your typical swap axles. Made from chromoly steel that is put through a proprietary annealing and heat treatment process, these axles are capable of handling power demands up to 500 WHP and are the perfect addition to your high-performance vehicle needs. All Insane Shafts axles include removable ABS rings (if applicable) and new spindle nuts.

    Backed by InsaneShafts 18-Month Limited Warranty  

    • 1992-2000 Civic & Del Sol (EG & EK)
    • 1990-2001 Integra (DC2)
    • 99-06 Insight
    • 09-13 Honda Fit (GE8)