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Genuine OE Honda Hondabond Liquid Gasket 08718-0004

  • Resists oil, water, and most chemicals
  • Dries quickly, remains flexible, resists vibration
  • High-Temp formula is good up to 600 F
  • For use in areas not requiring a solid gasket, such as cylinder head covers

  • Hondabond is a sealing product used for cam plugs and oilpan gaskets. Non-acidic, high-temperature silicone liquid gasket ideal for areas not needing solid gaskets. It won't corrode aluminium like other silicone gasket products.
  • Tips For Removing Hondabond: 
    1. Nail Gell removing fluid to slightly soften the remnants  
    2. Rub with a white plastic pan scourer to remove the Hondabond layer  
    3. Soak it in petrol before scraping it off  
    4. Acetone  
    5. MEK (methyl ethyl ketone)  
    6. Gasket remover  
    7. Tri(chloorethyleen)  
    8. Methylated Spirits
    Do not apply onto copper and copper alloys in a confined area. 
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    Wipe off any moisture, oil, or dirt from the surface.  
    Apply as thinly and evenly as possible, using a brush or putty knife. 
    Wait approximately one minute, then join the two surfaces. 
    After use, expel air out of the tube and close cap tightly. (Air confined in the tube may cause hardening of the product.)  

    Since reaction with atmospheric moisture causes curing, the curing speed depends upon the film thickness and relative humidity. At 77° F and 50% relative humidity, the surface layer will dry in about 60 minutes, and the film sets to a rubber-like consistency in 15-16 hours. It takes about 3 days for perfect sealing. Since curing develops from the surface, the thicker the layer, the more time it takes to cure inside.  

    Do not apply onto copper and copper alloys in a confined area.