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HKS Intercooler Kit (FK8 Civic Type R) HKS-INC-01-36

HKS Intercooler Kit (FK8 Civic Type R)

  • Double the Cooling Efficiency

  • Smooth Aluminum Piping

  • Optimal Airflow Design

  • Larger Core than Stock

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Upgrade your 2017-2021 Honda Civic Type R with the HKS Intercooler Kit, designed to significantly enhance your vehicle's performance by optimizing air cooling efficiency. Even at stock boost levels, engine air intake temperatures can quickly exceed 90 degrees Celsius. HKS, leveraging years of research and development, created an intercooler that meets the demanding requirements of the Civic Type R. 

This kit includes a newly developed 100mm wide core that delivers double the volume of the stock intercooler, providing outstanding cooling efficiency. The HKS core measures 695x178x100 mm, compared to the stock core size of 680x143x64 mm. The installation process is straightforward and does not require serious modifications, only minor adjustments to a rubber part that contacts the intercooler. Additionally, the OEM plastic side tank parts are replaced with smooth aluminum piping to reduce restriction and improve airflow. With the HKS Intercooler Kit, your Civic Type R will experience enhanced performance and efficiency, making it an essential upgrade for any enthusiast.
2017-2021 Honda Civic Type R
Core Size -  695x178x100mm
(1) HKS Intercooler
(2) Intercooler Pipes
(4) Couplers
(8) Clamps
(1) Hardware Pack
(1) Installation Sheet