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Hasport Urethane Mount Bushings
Hasport Urethane Mount Bushings
Hasport Urethane Mount Bushings
Hasport Urethane Mount Bushings
Hasport Urethane Mount Bushings
Hasport Urethane Mount Bushings

Hasport Urethane Mount Bushings

  • Unique No-Tear, Vibration Minimizing Bushings

  • Available in Four Durometers

  • Sold Individually

  • Easier Than Buying New Mounts for Softer/Stiffer Bushings

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Hasport offers a variety of urethane mount bushings designed to cater to different preferences and driving needs without compromising on quality. These bushings are available in various stiffness levels to effectively manage engine movement, providing drivers with enhanced control and customization options for their driving experience.

Whether you're seeking heightened control for spirited driving or aiming to minimize vibration during everyday street use, our range of stiffness options allows you to fine-tune your car's mounts accordingly. Each set of bushings is sold in pairs, ensuring compatibility with individual mounts.

Our 62A urethane comes in both flanged and unflanged versions, offering versatility in vibration reduction. While the flangeless option provides slightly less vibration, it's important to note that it may not be compatible with all mounts. Flangeless bushings are suitable for mounts with a width of 2.75" or wider, while narrower mounts of 2.35" and 2.5" require flanged urethane. It's crucial to measure the overall width of the mount, not just the aluminum body portion, for proper selection.

For most street and road race applications, our Street 62A urethane is ideal, delivering a balance of performance and comfort with minimal noise, vibration, and harmonics. This softer urethane is highly durable when installed correctly.

For more demanding road racing scenarios or occasional drag racing, our Race 70A urethane provides increased stiffness without compromising reliability. It's suitable for high-performance applications, except for launches on slicks in extremely fast cars.

Our Extreme Race 88A urethane offers maximum stiffness, providing unparalleled control over engine movement, making it ideal for aggressive drag racing launches with slick tires. However, it's important to note that these bushings will significantly increase noise and vibration within the car chassis.

For those seeking the ultimate stiffness without transitioning to solid aluminum bushings, our Most Extreme Race 94A urethane is the top choice. These bushings, distinguishable by their red color, offer extreme stiffness for precise control, ensuring minimal engine movement under extreme conditions.  

Bushings are sold individually. Each engine mount uses a pair of bushings, so the quantity should be 2 when checking out. 
Fits Hasport Mounts
U62A, U70A, U88A, U94A Durometers
2 Pcs Needed Per Mount
Why we choose to sell Hasport mounts.
Hasport is a leading manufacturer of engine swap mounts for Honda and Acura vehicles. Like Hybrid Racing, Hasport was founded out of the love for racing and the need for high-quality products. The company originally focused on swapping engines for customer cars and would source mounts from another company. However, the quality of these parts where not up to their standards. Being unable to purchase high-quality mounts, they decided to make their own. 
Hasport mounts are known for their use of high-quality materials, such as billet aluminum, and a unique formula for bushings. These mounts are designed to reduce engine movement and improve handling. This company has a reputation for attention to detail in their manufacturing process and has a commitment to quality control. 
Each engine mount is inspected and tested before it is shipped to ensure that it meets Hasport's high-quality standards. Additionally, Hasport is known for its dedication to ensuring that their customers are satisfied with their products with their excellent warranty. 
Whether you are K swapping an older Honda or replacing OEM engine mounts, Hasport is our recommendation. Hasport motor mounts are designed to improve handling and performance by reducing engine movement to improve traction and stability. They have developed a unique formula for creating their bushings. This makes the engine mounts less likely to lose their shape and support compared to other mount kits on the market. With Hasport's warranty paired with Hybrid Racing support, you can purchase with confidence. 

This warranty covers any defect in materials or workmanship in your HASPORT engine mount kit.
Damage to the engine mount caused by abuse, misuse, modification, or excessive force is not covered, as well as consequential and incidental damage.
This warranty lasts as long as you own the engine mount.
HASPORT will repair or replace the engine mount if it is defective at no charge but is not responsible for costs of removing or re-installing the engine mount.
You must return the engine mount to HASPORT for inspection and pay the shipping cost for the return. Proof of purchase is required when obtaining warranty service. If an engine mount is defective, HASPORT will repair or replace it within 30 days of receipt.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.