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Hasport Performance Rear Hand Mount for 02-06 Acura RSX

Hasport performance rear mount for 02-06 RSX and 02-05 Civic Si

  • Replacement Rear Engine Mount

  • Uses Stock Transmission Bracket

  • Improves Traction by Eliminating Wheel Hop

  • Multiple Durometers Available

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The Hasport DC5RR is a high-performance rear mount for the 2002-2006 Acura RSX and 02-05 Civic Si. Using the stock transmission bracket, it is designed to replace the rear mount in the 02-06 Acura RSX. This perfectly replaces the rear mount on the RSX and 02-05 Civic Si.

The mount is a torque damper that improves driving dynamics by providing a firmer, more direct feel. The mount helps reduce engine movement, eliminating traction loss and wheel hop. The DC5RR can replace the factory mount to enhance performance or replace/ upgrade the rear mount in the Hasport EP3 Civic or RSX kit.

For those who already have the RSX or EP3 mount kit and wish to enhance performance further, purchasing stiffer bushing for the rear mount is available. Upgrading to a stiffer rear mount will balance daily driver comfort and added performance. With a stiffer rear mount than those on the side of the engine, the driver will feel more vibration than if all three mounts were the same. This provides flexibility in performance and comfort depending on the user's needs and preferences.

The complete engine mount kit for the EP3 and RSX can be found here: DC5STK

Bushing Stiffness Options

Hasport engine mounts are available in four urethane hardness levels: 62A, 70A, 88A, and 6061 solid aluminum.

  • 62A polyurethane is suitable for a streetcar and offers a ride quality closer to stock. It transfers less engine vibration to the chassis for a more comfortable ride.
  • 70A polyurethane is for the customer who seeks to drive their build on the track occasionally.
  • The 88A and 94A are Hasport's stiffest polyurethane bushings, designed for dedicated track use.

Keep in mind the stiffer the bushing the more vibration will be transferred into the chassis. Higher durometers bushings are not recommended for street cars as it will put more strain on all other components on the car.

2002-2006 Acura RSX
2002-2005 Honda Civic Si