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Hasport Performance J-Series Engine Mount Kit for 96-00 Civic

  • Non-Adjustable or Dual Height Mounting options.
  • Unique no-tear and vibration minimizing bushings.
  • Robotically welded and laser-cut steel brackets.
  • Hasport warranty.
Height Adjustment
Bushing Stiffness

    • Performance mount kit for J-Series engine swaps into the 96-00 Civic. This mount kit makes swapping the J-Series engine a bolt-in procedure.
    • Like All Hasport Mount Kits, it's designed using sophisticated CAD/CAM software.
    • Dual height kit allows for mounting J-Series engine under the hood of the 96-00 Civic.
    • This kit features:
      • Ideal engine placement and axle alignment. Designed blending strength and style with a lifetime warranty for worry free use. Five different bushing durometers for applications ranging from daily driver to 8 second drag car.
    • 1996-2000 Honda Civic