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ATI Performance Damper for Honda H/F Series ATI-ATI918468

ATI Performance Damper for Honda H/F Series

  • Designed for Honda H22 engines

  • Direct replacement for the stock OEM unit

  • Single serpentine belt drive with removable bolt-on power steering pulley

  • Constructed from high-quality aluminum and steel

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The ATI H-Series Super Damper is designed for Honda H22 and F20/F22 engines found in the 1994-2002 Accord and 1992-2001 Prelude and serves as a direct replacement for the stock OEM unit. This damper features a single serpentine belt drive on the outer shell to utilize the factory serpentine belt setup and comes with a removable bolt-on power steering pulley. Constructed from high-quality aluminum for the shell and steel for the hub, it ensures durability and effective vibration dampening. The damper comes with laser-etched timing marks and exceeds SFI 18.1 Safety Certification, making it approved for competition use. Available in 4% and 9% overdrive sizes.
1994-2002 Honda Accord  
1993-2001 Honda Prelude 

Ensure the engine is cool before installation. Remove the old damper and replace it with the ATI H-Series Super Damper. Tighten to manufacturer’s torque specifications.
Diameter: 6.78 inches
Grooves: 4 & 6
Overdrive: 4% and 9% sizes
Shell Material: Aluminum
Hub Material: Steel
Timing Marks: Laser-etched