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Action Clutch Stage 2 Clutch Kit (2012-2015 Civic Si K24Z7) w/ Lightened Flywheel ACC-CLK-01-K0

Action Clutch Stage 2 Clutch Kit (2012-2015 Civic Si K24Z7) w/ Lightened Flywheel

  • Holds 110% Torque Capacity over Stock

  • Smooth Engagement for Ultimate Control

  • Stage 2 Clutch and Lightened Flywheel Kit

  • Ideal for the Street and Occasional Track Use

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Are you a 9th Gen Civic Si owner dreaming of transforming your ride into the ultimate street machine, then look no further than the Action Clutch Stage 2 Clutch Kit with a Lightened Flywheel for the 2012-2015 Civic Si K24Z7. Picture this: peak performance, unmatched durability, and a clutch ready to handle whatever you throw at it. This kit is the secret sauce you need to take your Civic to the next level. With an increase load capacity of 110%, this clutch can handle most mild to moderate engine setups, including low boost or nitrous. 

The Stage 2 clutch boasts a reinforced Steel-Backed segmented Kevlar® friction material, giving you the resilience to tackle the daily grind with ease. Plus, with its single diaphragm heavy-duty pressure plate, you'll enjoy that factory-like pedal feel but with a smooth engagement that's second to none. And the benefits of Kevlar®? Think extended lifespan, silky-smooth engagement, and top-notch heat dissipation—perfect for those spirited drives or occasional track days.

This Stage 2 kit includes a lightweight flywheel, weighing approximately 10 lbs. It is perfect for full bolt-on setups or low-boost applications, ensuring lightning-fast response and improved overall performance. Due to the lightweight flywheel, Action Clutch recommends having Hondata when installing this pairing. You can find Hondata for your 9th Gen Si here

Please note that there is a 1,000-mile break-in for this clutch to ensure proper functionality and lifespan. 
2012-2015 Honda Civic Si
Break-in Requirements - 1,000 street miles / Keep RPM’s under 4500, no more than half-throttle, no boost (if applicable). Proper break-in is required in order to retain product warranty, ensure longevity and holding capacity.
Increase in holding capacity is rated in Crank Torque, not Wheel Torque  
Sprung Segmented Kevlar Disc
Single Diaphragm HD Pressure Plate
Pilot Bearing / Bushing (when applicable)
Clutch Alignment Tool
Conventional Release Bearing
Includes Lightened Flywheel