Hybrid Racing K-Swap Cooling Package Ful-Size Rad (DC Integra K20Z3/K24) HYB-BUN-01-116

Hybrid Racing K-Swap Cooling Package Ful-Size Rad (DC Integra K20Z3/K24)

  • All products are from HR

  • 100% bolt in Fullsize rad kit

  • Fits DC Integra

  • W/ K20Z3/K24 engine swap

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Our team put together a kit with the most commonly needed components to properly cool your K-swap. This includes a full-sized radiator and 2x e-fans, plumbing parts, and sensors. We pieced it together so you don’t have to; this 8-product bundle is specifically for those swapping a K20Z3/K24 -> 94-01 Integra chassis – save yourself some time and money!   

K-Swap Fullsize Radiator & 10” Slim Fans   

If you are looking for a bit more cooling and have the space, a Fullsize Radiator is 15.5” longer than the Halfsize, giving additional surface area. However, if you want to run a Hybrid Racing AC kit, you will need a Halfsize rad.  

K-swap radiators are designed specifically to mount in your chassis without modification and correctly orient the coolant inlet and outlet to match the K-series engine. These provide a guaranteed fit without needing to fabricate mounts or modify the chassis. 

All Hybrid Racing radiators feature dual-core, all-aluminum construction that is precision TIG welded. They are superior to OEM radiators, which are aluminum, but have plastic end tanks that are prone to cracking.  

This kit comes with the recommended 2x Slim Fans for a Fullsize rad, more than enough to keep your motor cool if you’re caught in traffic. Only 2.25”, they are thin enough for your K-swap while still providing effective cooling.

K-Swap Silicone Radiator/Oil Cooler Hoses & T-bolt Radiator Hose Clamp Kit   

Hybrid Racing Radiator Hoses are made to be used with our Radiators. They accommodate the thickness of the radiator and the location of the inlet and outlet. We considered routing too; the upper hose goes under your cold air intake, giving a cleaner engine bay look and minimizing unneeded bends.  

Oil Cooler Hoses were developed to match the look and performance of the Radiator Hoses. 

All hoses are made from 4-ply polyester reinforced silicone that meets or exceeds SAE20R4# standards - designed to be the last you’ll ever need.  A set of (4) stainless steel T-bolt band clamps come with the kit to retain the Radiator Hoses. They have a smooth interior service to not gouge your fresh hoses (4 regular hose clamps are provided for Oil Cooler Hoses).    

Coolant Temperature Sensor & Coolant Switch 

New coolant sensors rule out possible inconsistent data, a real headache for any tuner. Equally as important, the Coolant Switch will make sure your new e-fan kicks on at the right time.  

Both sensors thread straight into our radiator, eliminating the need for special adapters and inserts.
  • Chassis: 1994-01 DC Integra
  • Engine: K20Z3/K24   
Radiator dimensions: 
  • Core: 29" x 11.5" x 2" 
  • Inlet / Outlet: 1.25"
Fan Specs (each):
  • 10" Slim Fan 
  • 6.7 amps 
  • 12v @ 80watts 
  • 2.25" thick