When a 2.0 isn’t enough, build something better…
D David Cordell

When a 2.0 isn’t enough, build something better…

Sep 28, 2017

That’s exactly what Janne Luukkonen from Finland did. Building his car for street and track use, he replaced the traditional 2.0 for a 2.3 ERL built short block. Janne didn’t leave anything untouched on this motor as everything was replaced from top to bottom. The car is still not 100% done, but I can assure you this car will be one sick ride when Janne is done with it. I love builds that start from scratch like this one. What do you think?

A nice/clean exterior is hard to come by these days:

Shortly after he bought it, the stripping began:

Once that was complete, the roll cage was added and the car painted:

Here is the ERL heart:

Engine specs:

-ERL Performance 2.3 short block
-Darton 89mm sleeves
-ERL Superdeck I
-Brian Crower billet 92mm crank
-JE custom pistons 12.5
-ACL bearings
-Steward Racing ported head
-Supertech valves
-Supertech springs and retainers.
-IPS K10 cams
-RBC Intake
-RC 550cc injectors
-Clutchmaster FX300
-ACT XACT flywheel
-Hybrid Racing chain tensioner

Hybrid Racing Goodies:

-Hybrid Racing clutch line
-Hybrid Racing K-series conversion harness
-Hybrid Racing radiator hose insert
-Hybrid Racing shifter cables
-Hybrid Racing header
-Hybrid Racing throttle cable
-Hybrid Racing fuel line
-Hybrid Racing 2.9 axels
-Hybrid Racing mounts

Exterior specs:

-Carbonfiber hood
-Carbonfiber trunk
-Carbonfiber mirrors
-Carbonfiber spoiler

Wheel specs:

-Rays Engineering Volk Racing TE 37 15″ Toyo tires

Here is at the track:

What do you think about Janne’s Civic? Leave a comment below!

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