What do our customers think?
D David Cordell

What do our customers think?

Sep 20, 2017 · News & Events

Below you will find a small sampling of the comments that we have received over years. These comments are unedited and in some cases entire emails. Some of them still have customer screen names and email address attached if you would like to reach out to them for feedback. These comments are here so you can get a feel for who we are and what you can expect when you order and work with Hybrid Racing. If you have some time please check them out!

Will, you guys have made my swap a reality. I can’t thank you enough. It’s not that it would be 100% impossible without swap products, I just wouldn’t have had the time to do it otherwise.

I am surprised on how fast you respond. It’s almost like you are waiting for my e-mail lol. Thanks alot Mike Ellis

What’s going on will, just dropping by to say thanks for the good products you guys are putting out. I put my k back in 07 with your harness, tell you that was the best thing I could of done, especially everybody back in the day in south Florida being so secretive about k swaps you guys became my temple. Just recently you guys came thru again with a set of shifter cables, I had to have them overnighted to my hotel in Orlando to make a race at Orlando speedway! Carlos, LabelOne

The emails you send out are great, its totally unlike any company out there. Its not just customer service, but professional on a whole different level. Just finished your survey, top marks all around. Thanks for taking your time to write, and I’m looking forward to installing your product, and dealing with you in the future. Happy Holidays from Iraq! -Chris W.

Let me first say that I love your what you are doing for the K20 community! I love your work. For now, I am interested in purchasing a unit of the Hybrid-Racing universal K-Series Engine Fuel Rail with OEM RSX fitting. I have a Honda DC5 so I assume that the add-on is both applicable and necessary for my chassis. Also, I am wondering if it were possible to have the product arrive at my doorstep (I’m in Perth, Australia) by say Oct 19 or thereabouts? I am leaving for overseas and God forbid that such a working example of fine art sits uncollected at the Post Office until I return. Derek Ong

Thank you so much for your great service and quick response.  -Daniel O’Grady

David, The shift linkage bushings are great! I used to have the Corsport shift linkage bushings, and it is a world of a difference. Shifting is smooth as butter now, unlike before where it was somewhat difficult to get into each gear. I also have a TWM Performance short shifter and TWM shifter base bushings. My Si has the smoothest transmission I’ve ever shifted. In the future I’d like to pick up HR’s new timing chain tensioner. It looks like a solid product and would give me extra piece of mind after I am Comptech Stg 2 Supercharged. Thanks for leading the way with the best products for the latest Civic Si, you guys are doing great! Take care, Andre Tsai

I ran the HR shift cables at the last time attack event down at Carolina Motorsports Park and it worked perfectly. The last two events saw me experience a couple throwaway laps simply because of deteriorating shifter engagement. Now it feels a MILLION times better. I can shift up and down with complete confidence. Before on the course, I had to be careful about shifting in mid-corner or under lateral loading due to the fact that I’d usually end up in neutral. Now that I can shift whenever I need to, I’m much faster in certain sections. -Striker

You are awesome! I was really worried that I was not gonna get it. Thanks a million and can’t wait to do more business with you guys. Austin

Thanks Will, You guys are awesome! For those of you reading, I ask a lot of questions. The staff at Hybrid not only answer every question I have, but do so in utmost courtesy. Every time I run into a problem, they are there to point me into the right direction. Thanks Again—Casey

Hi Laura, thank you for your great customer service! It’s been a pleasure ordering from you guys.Thanks!! Cam

I have shifter oem boxes and cables and buddy club boxes with oem cables and oem box with HR cables. The HR cables with oem box was great. but this just feels amazing, Real tight and short throws. Real solid, feels like it would be hard to miss a gear. Reminds me of a s2000, as if the shifter was directly on the transmission.

First off I wanted to say that I really do love everything you all make for the K20 community. Second I received the shifter, and its everything I was hoping it would be. Also thank you for the free shift knob! Thank you once again. ;) -Ryan

From what I have seen so far, you guys are doing a great job. I remember a couple years back when you guys first started its was a very small website and limited products, but you guys hung in there and now you guys are a top notch company. I hope you guys do very well, and I hope to purchase products from you guys in the near future. Take care. -Jeff

Hell yeah !!!!
Thanks a lot for everything !!!
Now time to wait for UPS to knock at my door !!!
High Five for Hybrid Racing ;)Frédéric Bélanger

That’s correct. The return shipping address will be the same freight forwarding address as on my account with Hybrid Racing. I will confirm once my friend has shipped the package from Florida and any tracking number used to send it on.
PS – I appreciate the level of Customer Service that you have offered me.

Just wanted to say that I’m very pleased with your costumer service. I’ve called on different occasion’s to ask questions and I have always got my answers in a friendly manner. Nice people to deal with. Keep up the great service and products. Joe Lopez

Just wanted to say thanks for the exceptional service, if i need anything else for my car swap wise ill be buying it from you guys!
Thanks again.
Brian Wittenmyer

Russ sent out a proto type shifter box to me to test fit in my 93 Integra. We wanted to see if it actually fit in a separate model that had not been looked into. I was given the opportunity to test fit it and it fits perfect. Russ has been a pleasure to deal with and is open and honest. I will recommend Hybrid Racing to all and do business myself with Hybrid Racing.

Hello Will
Dont know if you remeber me but i started on a Kswap a couple of years ago and i bought all the parts from you. I had a lot of issues with the wiring because my car is a EDM and because of that its OBD0. Any way, the swap was finished in august and i drove it a couple of months before the winter came. Wanted to thank you for great support and all your help, and i thought i would send you some picture of it. It won Honda of the year on our biggest honda club here in Norway, i am little provd :) since its was my first swap and everything. Thanks again for all the help and keep up the good work.
PS. Im looking for some parts, maybe you can help me out.
Jon Narmoe

The new shift knob arrived. All I can say is “Wow!”. The powder coat is top-notch the recessed logo is really classy. I haven’t had a chance to install it yet but am looking forward to it. I will post some pics in your FS thread.
Thanks again for your great customer service; that goes above and beyond what I would expect and it is clear that you are committed to making sure that your products are top-of-the-line and that every customer is happy. Best new year’s wishes and good luck with this new knob.

Hi there…This is Steven from Augusta GA. i am a very thankful for all the help you guys provided me when i was doing my swap… I love your products my car has been running strong for two years with no problems what so ever. Currently im negotiating with someone that wants to buy my car and if i sell it im contacting yall again to buy my parts for the next build. If you look in my profile in the project civic album yall will see some shots of my car. i recomend you guys every time someone ask me about my swap… I would like for you guys to give me your opinion on my car and if is worhty for your gallery g>

From all the company’s i have dealt with, i have found that you guys have the best costumer service ever! keep it up! -Joshua Augustin g>

1st of all, I’d like to thank you for taking the initiative to create what seems to be a very well thought out product. As someone who has performed a K24A2 swap into an EG hatch(Spring 2006), I can’t tell you how unhappy I was to cut the hole in the center tunnel to enable the use of the Karcepts kit, and it wasn’t even my car. I’ve long felt that there had to be a better solution than that, and had hoped that someone would at some point answer that call. Thank you for doing so!!! I’ve recently sold my Evo IX MR in the hopes of getting back into the Honda scene, and I’ve been thinking about buying an ITR and slapping a K20 or K24 into it, but I did not like the idea of hacking it up to do it. With your soon to be released shifter kit, I won’t have to do that, and I can’t thank you enough. So….I would just like to let you know that once I find the car I want and I’m ready to do the swap, I fully intend to purchase as many HybridRacing components for the swap as needed.Chris Matthews

I GOT THE PACKAGE TODAY your products are truly a work of art in the import world, and well id just like to say thanks, you just helped me get one step closer to my very desired K swap. keep up the good work and keep producing amazing products

Will… Thanks for getting back to me, I really appreciate you taking the time…. I was looking on your website at the install instructions and the ones posted just didn’t seem to coincide with the mounts that I have…. Now I completely understand! Thanks again! I can’t wait to get the motor in!!!! I also bought your harness, fuel rail, and fuel and clutch lines….. Really nice stuff…. Thanks for making it available!
Be well,
Jon clue

I know I have been a pain in the neck. But thanks for all the tech support you and hybrid racing have provided me…..Lots of work and effort was poured into this project and you guys helped me the most. I am very proud of what i have accomplished so far with the project! Thank you again, Steven

I decided to go with Hybrid-Racing harness. The thing that swayed my decision was the fact that customer service is top notch, and they’re a great bunch of people to deal with…. Blue92Da

I’ve never seen or more importantly heard of a problem with hybrid mounts. In a world where the internet rules and one bad review will spread everywhere I think that says a lot. 1999_ITR

Out of all the vendors in the K-series or even the general Honda Aftermarket community, Hybrid-Racing is the most well organized and structured organizations out there… Jamal

I am so happy with you and your company. You are really good to fix our car over phone, about 10 states away! You and Hybrid exceeded our expectations… Megan & Will

Thanks a lot will. I will be doing another swap soon and will need more parts, I am happy return customer… Hung

Will and David, Everything went good. The car is back on the road. Thanks for all your help. We do appreciate it. You have the best customer support. Thanks again.

You guys truly have been an asset to me in figuring out which way to go with this project. You guys will definitely be the ones i come to when i have the time to get it done. Thanks again David.

yes, everything is resolved and he sent one today! Hybrid definitely has the best customer service!!! Thank you Tyler


Hey, I bought a hybrid racing conversion harness from ya’ll a while back and i was so impressed with the directions and the way the product was easily laid out to me I want to continue doing business with ya’ll. (Makes me wish i got your mounts too.) -purple_dc2

Honestly, out of all the vendors on this board, with the exception of a couple, Hybrid-Racing takes the cake for being the most overt, customer service oriented group around, and that aside from them providing quality products. I’ve posted questions in threads, and in some cases weren’t even related to their products, and they took the time out to answer them via pm or emails.

So far that I have seen U guys at hybrid are great, cuz u guys area just like everyone else not like the other stuk-up tuner shops out there. Well keep us updated on the car…- AznGuy0087

Out of all the vendors in the K-series or even the general Honda aftermarket community, Hybrid-Racing is the most well organized and structured organization out there. I will definitely buy from you guys again. Thanks! -Jamal.

Your customer service is top notch! Thank you once again,-tyler

Car is running sweet; I am just finishing up some cosmetic thing. Your harness and fuel line kit made things really easy thanks for all your hard work. -Steve

I received my EG harness yesterday and it looks great! Thank you, -tim meyer

I’m going with hybrid. I have yet to buy anything from them and they have treated me like I bought one of every piece of stock they have.Take that one to the bank… nskforlife

David… you are a very awesome guy…. You guys got very excellent customer support…. Thumbs Up – sleeper6speg

David is an awesome guy! That harness in the picture is really cleam! 100% customer service! EKhybrid

Hybrid FOR LIFE! Will ova der is DA masta! Straight up from the words out of my mounth!!! –Kvaswani

I am horrible at wiring so for my TSX in my eg, this harness was awesome. -2000Accord5sp

David and Will at Hybrid Racing are awesome! David has helped me out a lot. Great customer service. My harness should be here Monday. _ekhybrid

Hybrid customer service is top notch…. Will is always on this board helping people out … I myself hope to be a smiling customer in the next few weeks… 92hatchattack

Hybrid Racings customer service is definitely top notch. Even a few days after hurricane Katrina hit will was concerned with fulfilling pending orders. I should know because I was one of those pending orders. Thumbsup. -Pogeeboy27

You guy at Hybrid Racing got UNcomparable top notch customer support, 10/10. You take each customer problem as a priority.

Will its Alex I have the serial number on the harness. Ek 01030896 hope I got it right. The paper was a little torn. Also can you give me some info regarding how to read the check engine codes on k pro? Any web site i can find to better understand k pro. also I would like to know im getting ready to built the motor to be turbo what do you think I should go with and if I can do all my orders thru you .Thanks for all the time and all the tech info . It’s been helping me a lot. It’s good to know there still honest, helpful and friendly shops still out there, that are willing to take their time to talk to a beginner on the k series wagon.
Thanks Will

i`ve finished my swap.. thanks to hybrid-racing. thanks to all of you HASAN

Will, Thanks you for your help last week in locating the install instructions for the 99-00 EK wiring harness.So often when calling the US from here in the UK, companies can take a very long time over saying not very much. Your help was clear, concise and most of all fast, saving on very high phone call costs.
Thank you again
Graham Stubbings.
BMW Group
Mr Graham Stubbings
mailto: Graham.Stubbings@bmwgroup.com
Url: http://www.bmwgroup.com

Laura, I just wanted to say that was the quickest shipment I have ever seen. I was completely shocked. EXCELLENT customer service! I will do business again!
Thank you!

Hi Iggy,
I received the parts i ordered off you today!
I just wanted to add, what a great service you have! And it was a pleasure to deal with you and you have been very very helpful throughout!
Thanks again for your help, We will be building this car soon and i am sure we will be buying more parts from you in the near future!
Kind regards,

This is a product i have been looking for since before i even had a K in my car! I think you all are really thinking like your customer base with products like this! Great work and cant wait to see the new product prototypes!
All things considered, Hybrid Racing and their products are the SH%T!
sick dude… i submitted that survey… its good to see you guys actually read them and listen to what customers have to say to hybrid racing
P.S. i very much appreciate iggy’s customer service,and look forward to doing more bussines w/your company— simon aragon

first off i wanted to say that you guys are amazing.
i wanted to contact you regarding your products. i am a staff member on another honda site and we have been getting alot of members lately doing swaps… i wanted to see if you would be interested in becoming a vendor there as well, but i dont know what your current internet “load” is. let me know if you want more information.
thanks and keep up the great work guys.

Hi Parker,
Thanks for letting me know. I am extremely happy with the amount of attention and time you’ve given this matter and how you have handled it so professionally. I look forward to a long business relationship with Hybrid Racing and hope that your suppliers can learn to do business as you are.
Kind Regards,
Michael do Carmo

Just trying to help you guys along, thats something id like to see, if you need clarification no problem i actually check the forums daily and will be frequenting yours most definitely. I dont plan on doing anything with my k till first of next year but hope by helping assist you guys with ideas maybe something like this will be available that long. thanks for helping our community so much with your products and dedication, cant wait to see what you guys come up with next. -Jon

no problem at all, im glad to see companies like you guys make products to make our passions easier. I mean without you guys not alot of people would have the cars they have and people worship. I just hope sooner or later ill be able to afford your guys parts on a regular basis instead of months of saving lol Freakin’ underpaying jobs lol.Yes, these guys.

In response to a PM I sent user ‘Type One’ about 2 months ago, I got a quote on a 1-piece driveshaft, and once I had the moneys together to purchase, I PM’d him again, but had to call to set things up when I noticed that Mike had not been on in several months. I got Iggy on the phone, who invoiced and set everything up over the course of the phonecall. This was June 12, I went in from my lunch break and immediately paypal’d the cash, then waited a few days before calling to followup on when I should expect my shaft. He explained that the driveshaft shop likes to get out early some days (I ain’t mad at ‘em), so he would contact them the next day and would call me, I advised him to PM me because calling me while I am working is hit or miss, as sometimes my reception down here is extra shitty, so to PM me. Just as promised, he explained that they would be shipping out that afternoon (Tuesday) and should be to me within the week, probably soon, as they were pretty close by to me.
Come to find out that the shaft was shipping from Salisbury, NC, only 45 minutes from me, and the UPS hub it would HAVE to ship through is less than 3 miles from my house, so I had my shaft on the porch when I got home from work Wednesday.
I am VERY pleased with how this whole thing went down, so the guys and I will DEFINITELY be purchasing another shaft or 2 or 3 for our cars in the not-too-distant future.
5 thumbs WAY up, because I am an Alien.
Posted by Phlip on Zilvia.net

it is a ’95 civic eg hatch. thanks i’ll hit u up if i’m still having problems. to me this u guys have better customer service than full race.
Hien dinh

hybrid racing
you guys are seriously always doing big things… that’s why I’m running all your products in my car
my project will be put on hold for this bolt in shifter box so i don’t have to go cutting my exhaust tunnel up –EghatchNJ

I personally have a few reasons why I’m very slowly, but definitely purchasing my swap parts from Hybrid-Racing:
- They are industry innovators that are true racers at heart like us.
- They don’t sell inferior products just to have something to sell.
- Excellent customer support.
- Have focused only on the K industry since day one.
- A local business, to me atleast.
Keep up the great work guys

Loving your new products. keep it up. I REALLY think I should have went with your mounts… They look way better than my Hasport, and your mounts dont seem to need any welding to the back bracket for a RHD car like mine… next time Hybrid all the way.
Hybrid Racing

I’m a little new to the K-series community but ever since I’ve been on this forum ALL I see is how HR is doing it bigger and better than the competition! Keep up the good work guys!!! -projectcivicep

I also wanted to give a shout out to you guys over at Hybrid-Racing. Since the beginning of the k swaps I have watched your products and been amazed with the quality and customer reactions of everything that you guys put out. It is almost time for me to do my own k-swap and I would not choose any other products than what you guys have released. Big props to you guys!

Hey, I have a few questions for you. Have you shipped the Hasport EKK2 mounts? If you haven’t, when do you think they’ll be shipped? I got the Karcepts things already so that’s why I’m asking about the mounts.
p.s. keep up your great customer service

Hybrid Racing = the new Mugen :up: HICKAMHATCH

You guys never cease to amaze me! :) Scourge

Ordered today with Iggy.
Great customer service.
I will definitely be purchasing from HR in the near future. Hex02si

Yes sir I did, even though my connector was cut off, we were able to find the wires! Oh how sweet the cool air is lol

yeah hell yeah this helped out…oh i only said no k-pro cuz it wasnt listed in your kswap list but yeah man i appriciate your fast response gives a customer a trusty comfort level and a shopping confidence once i start my swap assure yourself you will hear from me and i will be shopping from HR. thanks in advance and if u guys need any supporters or anything im down to help. peace
Jon Esco

Hey Iggy,
You just helped me made up my mind thank you so very much. Your kick ass info was more then helpful….. I hope that all is well & safe w/ you & the business after the hurricane. I will indeed go with the K Swap. Please keep me informed with any new info on any products Hybrid has to offer for the k swap. Your rambling was what I needed to set my mind, I will most def be keeping in touch with you as far as my project with the k swap goes. Thanks a million.

About my project…..Well I had some minor experience upgrading my previous car to a Gr.N FIA spec racecar, but i then again i had some locar tuners supporting me….. I remember watching the top setup civic @ willow springs on BM and i was like “omg, thats the ultimate fwd trackdaycar!” so that was an inspiration for me, a motivation to sell my car and buy a civic. It was a big relief that a forum like the k20a.org was “transmitting” interesting infos abou the swap, so it was like one year, that i was watching every topic here, trying to read as much as i can and get every little detail…!:up: So the swap day finally came, i purchased all the swap parts, and we started swapping! It was not easy, nor difficult..but it was certainly a great experience for me and my friends…! We faced many problems with the carb’d dx we had, but now we are very happy with the car! :cool: The distance between Greece and US was definately a problem i had to face every time i was placing an order, but thanks to Brian (KARCEPTS) and Will of HYBRID RACING i felt like i was there getting all the support needed..! :up::up:As you said, driving the car is my concern now, as i need to feel comfortable with it! I have some serius events coming in November so i will practice a lot until then..! :o:) Rallyeman

hello will, just wanted to say thanks for the harness! you guys have great service and good people! will definetly recommend my friends to you guys! It’s my first time ordering from hybrid racing and I really appreciate your service, Thanks again…..JUN

hey laura, i see as of 1249 pm from my e-mail that the dvd and thermo unit were sent, and i will be waiting on the shift knob, thats no problem……and dont worry about me not getting a notification i totally understand, its a new site and all, thats to be expected, your great customer service makes up for it, and this wasnt the first time or the last time i will be doing business with you, thanks for your speedy response. take care.

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