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Tri Nguyens All Motor EKK20a.

Sep 27, 2017

Name: Tri Nguyen

Age: 17

Ethnicity: Vietnamese

I’m going to start off with the specs: 03 K20a-r, RBC manifold + Hondata intake manifold gasket, dtr 4-2-1 header, BDL 70mm tb, BDL fuel rail, Karcepts cold air intake, Hondata kpro, dyno tuned, and most of these products were bought from Hybrid-Racing.

body: 00 Honda civic si, itr 5 lug conversion, gunmetal itr wheels, spoon shift knob, 05 Honda civic si seats, itr steering wheel, tein basic suspension, complete srr rear control arms and stabilizer kit, and drag radial tires in the front.

history: I bought the car from my uncle a couple years ago. The car had been in an accident, but My uncle does body work. The car was an auction vehicle. The original motor that was in the vehicle was a supercharged b16, but the head was stolen off of it. That gave me idea of a swap. The idea of a Kswap came from my cousin Jon. The first K my uncle Duc and I dropped in there was a 04 k20a2. After, a year of dogging that crap out of the motor, I decided to sell it and get something new. I purchased the K20a from Hmotorsonline. A week of hard work, the motor was in and I took it to Dyno Inc., located in VA Beach, Virginia. Darius and Tim were the amazing tuners. I did a tune for about an hour and half and came out with 230whp and 162tq.

Thanks to Iggy from Hybrid-racing, cousin Jon Tran, Uncle Duc, tuners Tim and Darius, Photographers Chris Dang and Duane Smith, and full support from my good friend, Adam Lilley.

If your interested in having your car featured here just drop us an email with some good pictures and its as good as done! will@hybrid-racing.com

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