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Track Car Build Part 2…

September 27, 2017 2 min read

We left off last time with the car being completely stripped down and prepped for a fresh coat of paint. Click this LINK to see the car before and during the stripping process. Today I am going to fill you in on the progress the car has made at the body shop. Before we get into the updates, have you signed up for our mailing list to get all the news and updates delivered for free to your inbox? You should probably go ahead and knock that out real quick before we get into the build…Just click HERE… No worries, I will wait before getting started… OK good, glad you knocked that out! Lets get started!

All the glass was pulled and every bolt was taken out before the paint process was started. After the bolts were removed, all of the tabs we did not plan on using were cut off and any holes we did not plan on reusing were filled.  Since we are using a Milspec connector on the engine harness, we went ahead and had the stock harness hole and A/C hole filled and shaved.

The roof was cut off and replaced with a non-sunroof panel because the customer wanted to save as much weight as possible.

We had the fenders and quarter panels rolled to make room for the 16×8 Enkei’s that will help keep the car attached to the road. The rest of the car was in good shape, so we only had to fix a few small dents.

Before the paint was laid, we installed the cage and drilled all of the mounting points so the paint would not be scratched when we went to re-install the cage.

The paint job took a couple weeks to complete but it was well worth it! No corners were cut and no parts were left unturned!

At the end of the day we couldn’t put back the old worn out gaskets so we ordered all new OEM seals, gaskets, weather stripping, and bolts and wasted no time getting them installed!

Check back soon because we are going to have some kick ass updates in the form of digital clusters and crazy zeal suspension! If you haven’t already, sign up to the mailing list HERE.I get excited just thinking about it!!! Check out all the action below and make sure to leave us some feedback in the comments section!!!

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