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Swedish K20EG6, going global.

Sep 27, 2017

Erik ”Mooseman” K20EG6

I´ll start off by introducing myself. My name is Erik Petersson, commonly known in the Swedish car scene as Mooseman. I am the chairman of the Swedish national Honda club “Honda Performance Club” and I´ve got myself a K20EG6 that I have built from stock. My friend Jeremia Gadd has been a tremendous help throughout the entire build.

Sweden is not such a great country to live in if you´re interested in tuning cars and driving fast. Our government hates cars and the public has a general grudge towards everyone and everything that has anything to do with tuning. But still this hobby really flourishes, may it be somewhat in the shadows, but still. We have a lot of track days to go to and many great clubs that arrange these meetings.

So, I have a car, and it is featured here. Why? I really don´t know, being a typically humble swede. But it´s great to be recognized never the less. My car actually featured in an article in the latest issue of swedens biggest magazine for tuned cars, “Bilsport” where we partisepated in the “Superstage final”. Superstage is a swedish measurement for how fast a car is around a benchmarking track constructed on an old airstrip. Everyone who is anyone within the hobby here in Sweden goes to this track to get a time, and this time we placed second in the final, logging some great times. The car actually made top-5 overall with this performance, on the all-time board over the street legal cars running e-marked tires. A performance I am very proud of to say the least.

So, the car then. It all started in October 2006 with the sale of my former ride, a 2004 Honda Civic Type-R. I then purchased my EG6, a pretty nice car even in stock condition. But of course it wouldn´t be stock for long. Within nine hours of purchase it was disassembled into bits by me and my mates, and the project was getting of to a rocketing start.

The plan all along was to build a very potent road legal trackday racer. The recipe was a given. K20 engine, totally remade suspension and brakes that could take the punishment to come. A lot was already planned even before purchasing the actual car, and during the following months the immense work of getting the car ready for the Honda Performance Club trackday at “Mantorp park” on may 1st was under way. We didn´t run into any significant problems until it came time to fit the engine. Apparantely neither the Hybrid racing nor Hasport motor mounts was ment to accommodate the K20 engine into the EG6s engine bay without a fight. But after tossing out the ABS-system and custom remaking the powersteering system and brakelines we got it in relatively smooth. Then came the task of fitting the US spec adapted Hybrid racing engine harness to work with a Europe spec Hondata K-Pro ecu with narrowband lambda system. It took a lot of nights to get this to work, but to be honest, I am still not sure how we ever managed to get it to work.

On the final test of the driveshaft assembly I drove the just finished car straight into a swamp-like ditch. Luckily the car came out almost undamaged although I thought that the towtruck-operator was gonna kill me and my mates when we stood beside him screaming while he hauled the car back onto the road. At last, at 6 am, 24 hours before I had to drive the 300 kilometers to the dyno the car stood in the workshop floor again, but without drivable rims and with anything but an appealing exterior. But no way were we going to let this mishap destroy the possibilities to go on the track at Mantorp Park a week later. So to be able to get to the dyno I borrowed frontspoiler, rims and various other parts from all my friends. Thanks a lot guys!

So I finally arrived at the dyno in Malmoe and could get the car tuned and ready for it´s first time on the track, albeit a very crippled car that arrived. After some work from the insurance company the car looked brand new though, and a full season later this is how the car looks today. Thanks to my friend Johan who works as a mechanic at the local Honda dealer for fixing the car up real nice. Ten trackdays and no major mishaps later I look forward to finetuning the suspension and further refining the car in the future.


K20A2 engine, RBC intake manifold, SSR header, custom exhaust, aem swap cai, velocity stack, Hondata K-Pro, Quaife LSD, stock Civic Type-R shifter wires and linkage. Power output >211 whp. Next mod is IPS cams.

H&R Gr.N coilovers 140/100 Nm/mm springs, Ingalls rear camber kit, SPC rear toe kit, Skunk2 Pro series front camber kit, Energy suspension full polyurethane kit, Password JDM front 3-point strut tower bar and rear 4-point strut tower bar, ASR-reinforcement plate, stock front swaybar, ITR rear swaybar. Next mod is a rollcage.

Front: Honda legend 2-piston calipers, Rover 282 mm discs, Carbotech XP8 pads
Rear: Stock calipers, discs and pads. Next mod ITR spec rear brakes and XP8 pads

Noname carbon fibre hood, Noname rear lights, S2000 side turn indicators

Custom shiftermounting, Toora Project 2 seat, Toora steering wheel, Sparco 4’ 4-p seatbelt

Thanks to:
Jeremia Gadd, XLR8 performance, Rosenholtz Honda workshop, Welav racing, Hybrid Racing, Kenneth Hanssen Motorsport, PEAN Sweden, Honda Performance Club and all of my friends who has made this possible.

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