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RSX Time Attack Car

Sep 27, 2017

A video was recently posted on our Facebook page by Michael Otsby, who has won many awards for his front wheel drive Time Attack RSX.  This is Michael’s story:

Michael started out with a 1988 Cutlass, saving up money where he could to spend on a new car. When the Cutlass decided to give out on him on the way to an interview, he knew it was time for a change. Going from car lot to car lot he finally picked the car that he wanted. Not even knowing how to drive a manual at the time, he spent all his hard earned cash on a new RSX. He got inspiration for the RSX from his semester-long study on the Japanese economy and their automotive innovation and manufacturing.

His first mod to the RSX was an AEM intake he snagged up on EBay. After two days of trying to install the intake he realized the intake was not meant for his specific chassis. Since he did not know of a shop at the time to take his car too, he ended up at the dealership with his tail between his legs. Even though he had to shell out $650 to pay for the re-installation of the intake, the doors seemed to open for Michael. The Service Director at the dealership asked him a few questions on what possessed him to modify his car in the first place. He then explained to the Service Director his fascination with modifying cars and wanted to learn how to race after watching countless videos from Option and BMI in Japan. Little did he know that the service director had been building NSX’s and Integra’s for years and also instructed at track days during his spare time. So, he invited Michael to come out to the track and take some lessons. After that, Michael was hooked. He spent the next 3 years going to local track events to soak up the experience and further build his passion for racing.

Michael started saving up money again to buy new track related parts only to get scammed out off $7k from a parts broker that ended up stealing his money and disappearing. For anyone these days, classifying this incident as a major setback would be an understatement. Not wanting to give up on his quest for going fast and racing he finally found Greg Haye from GT motoring, a trustworthy shop to spend his hard earned money with. They started hanging out at local car meets and met up a couple times for local track events, naturally they became really good friends. You will often see them racing head to head at local events. Greg in his S2000 and Michael in his RSX both sporting the same paint scheme!

This is what Michael had to say about their cars:

“We built a platform based on reliability, handling and balance.  Both cars competed for years with only stock horsepower, and competed well against cars with much crazier power to weight ratios.  Instead of simply using power to overwhelm competition, we milked every minute of track time to the best of our abilities.  While we didn’t have many chances to get out to the track, we always made sure we did the best with what little we had.  The hard work has paid off, but now we’ve both reached a point where both cars are being driven consistently at or near the limit. That being said, the next step is revamping the cars and adding the much-needed horsepower and I can’t wait to see what we’re able to do next”.

12 11 1 3 2 RSX_small 10 9 8 7 4 13

Challenge Comp + Coilovers
Challenge custom headlight intake
Challenge custom 3″ race exhaust
Challenge tow hook
Challenge stainless steel brake lines

J’s Racing Type S front bumper, sideskirts w/ carbon fiber undertray & canards
J’s Racing wide fenders
J’s Racing rear carbon fiber diffuser
J’s Racing SPL tie rods
J’s Racing roll center adjusters
J’s Racing 1.5-way LSD
J’s Racing 3D carbon fiber GT wing
J’s Racing rotors
J’s Racing front & rear strut tower bars, c-pillar bar, rear lower tie bar

Craft Square carbon fiber mirrors
Hybrid Racing shifter cable
Hybrid Racing fuel rail

DC5R lower control arms, Brembo calipers
Cobalt Friction XR2 front pads XR4 rear pads
5.06 Final Drive
Exedy clutch and flywheel
Willans FIA 6-pt harnesses
Toda Exhaust Manifold
ALEX motor mounts, rear suspension bushings
ALEX front anti-roll bar
Hotchkis competition rear anti-roll bar
Superpro front control arm bushings
Hondata K-Pro
Autopower 4-point race roll bar
Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 255/40 in front, 235/45 rear
Enkei RPF-1s – 17×9 front 17×8 rear

Engine – 75,000 miles and counting, stocker than stock horsepower (sub 200whp)
and in need of help…ha.

Here is a few track events that Michael has won awards for:
Redline Time Attack – Gateway, St. Louis
1st place – Street Class FWD
1st place – Modified FWD (on street tires)

Redline Time Attack

Gateway, St. Louis
1st place – Street Class FWD
Also had the fastest FWD lap time for Modified and Unlimited Classes

Nashville Superspeedway
1st place – Street Class FWD
Overall Street Class Champ (beat all RWD and AWD entries in Street Class)

Summit Point, WV
1st place – Street Class FWD

2008 Redline Time Attack Street Class FWD Champion

Redline Time Attack

Autobahn Country Club – Joliet, IL
2nd Place – Buddy Club Street Class FWD

Nashville Superspeedway
2nd Place – Buddy Club Street Class FWD

Carolina Motorsports Part – Kershaw, SC
2nd Place – Buddy Club Street Class FWD
(on severly limited motor, no power steering!)

Autobahn Country Club – Joliet, IL
2nd Place – Buddy Club Street Tire Class FWD

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R Ramzi
May 3, 2023

Thanks for sharing, quick questions, i have 2 DC5 RSX fully built of circuit racing and competing for the past 2 years as a team. Now Having a struggle to bring the weight down as am over by 90 kg even on low fuel post quali. Car min weight regulations is 1100 kg. Have to compete with these light weight civic EG and need to bridge the gap ion weight.

What is your weight without driver ?

Everything is striped, light weight wheels etc..carbon fiber bonnet ( but want to avoid pricy and not practical fender carbon or rear bonnet as pricing and risky as lots of bumping in our championship )

Have been given an exception by the FIA to review and look into work on un hinged parts but not sure where to start, do you have any ideas to share how to reduce weight

Tks & much appreciated


A art
May 3, 2023

hi, is rsx type r a good car for track? i heard rear suspension has poor design. thanks art