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Not your average Scandinavian four door…

September 27, 2017 2 min read

Don’t know where Scandinavia is? Google it because you will want to know where it is after you see this crazy little four door civic that lives there! Carl has been building this car for about 2 years to make sure that every little detail is right on and that it can pass the Swedish Time Attack regulations. This car is going to be one sick four door. Keep a look out for more about this car and updates during the building process. Take a look at what Carl has to say as his introduction to the world of imports:

“My name is Carl Winberg and I am living in Kågeröd which is the local village of Knutstorp Ring racetrack. I am a licensed car mechanic and was selected as guest mechanic in Ferrari Challenge with Tony Ring in 2009 and also worked for the Scandinavian Ferrari Challenge team NeroRosso the same year. Because of the uniqueness of the project the biggest Swedish car-magazine, Bilsport, will cover the progress and also do an article about the car when ready to hit the tracks for the first time. I am starting up my racing career with help from Tony Ring who drives the Ferrari 430 in the DMV Touringcar Championship in Germany, and also with help from Alx Danielsson, who test drove with Renault in Formula 1, and who drove in the World Series. Both Alx Danielsson and Tony Ring are going to help and try to make this time Attack Vti, the fastest FWD car in Scandinavia”

What do you think about this crazy Time Attack four door? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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Specs so far: (I will have more as time goes by)
Cut/flared/welded fenders and quarter panels
New OEM roof panel
ASR Rear Subframe Brace
PCI Tow Hooks
Buddy Club Lug Nuts
Buddy Club Extended Ball Joints
Hybrid Racing Shifter Box
Hybrid Racing Conversion Harness
Hybrid Racing mounts
Hybrid Racing Shifter Cables
Competition Twin Disc Clutch
DSS 2.9 axles
Full Custom Roll Cage

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