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Nippon Challenge Race Race 8 and 9 – Cadwell Park Race Report

Sep 27, 2017 · News & Events

We arrived trackside early on Friday as we were doing a test day on Saturday to get a feel of the track and allow us to do some final adjustments to the car.

Test day went very well, we spent 2 hours on track and got our time down to 1mins 43sec.

We were very happy with the result, however we soon realised the rear engine mount bracket had snapped in 2. There was nothing we could do about it so we just hopeed for the best that is was going to be fine for the race.


We got stuck in the middle of the pack and got held up by slow traffic, so the qualifying didn’t go very well, our best lap was a 1 min 46secs which put us 7th overall and 3rd in class. After qualifying, we had another problem, the outer driveshaft CV had snapped and was leaking gearbox oil. We temporarily fixed them with Cable ties and glue in hope that it was going to be good for the race.

Race 1

We had a pretty good start and managed to jump a few places and got myself up into 5th, I think this was down to Carbonetic giving us an amazing twin plate clutch which made the launch much easier, so thanks to Carbonetic :). Lap 2 Michael EK outbroke himself and went straight into the tyre wall allowing us to gain another place. The MR2 also blew their engine at the other side of the track leaving a lot of oil spillage on the track meaning the safety car was called out for the next 4 laps. When the safety car finally went back into the pits we only had 2 laps left. My car was suffer heavily with understeer, due to the gearbox oil leaking to the passenger side front tyre. We finished 5th overall and 2nd in class.

Race 1 result

1st Kris – Orange EK

2nd Dixon – K20 DC2

3rd Andre – Accord

DNF – Michael K20 EK.

Race 2

We had a really good start again and jumped one place up to 4th and managed keep up with Kris EK for 2 laps which was hard because his car was really quick due to pulling a lot more power than us. After 2 laps, due to a shifter failure we lost 2nd and 4th gears and saw Kris pull a big gap from us.

So I finished the race in 2nd in class again and 4th overall. Surprisingly we still lapped 1 mins 43 secs with all those problems, it was still a fantastic result for us and we are happy with the 2nd place.

We now have a 6 week break until the end of August when we are at Snetterton. We will be there with a new engine from DMF performance which will hopefully give us around 250bhp and all issues from Cadwell will be ironed out.

Special thanks to -

Artech Tuning – for supply K pro ECU and mapping

Carbonetic – carbon 1.5 way clutch diff, twin plate clutch

Camskill – tyre support

Opie oils – engine oil, gearoil, brake oil

Dixcel brake, for our full carbon disk and pad

Hybrid racing – full K swap conversion kit

HEL – Brake hose

DM Carbon – custom carbon diffuser, panel

DMF performance – K20 forged race engine

Dyno Tech – Dyno tunning

Buddyclub – Wheels

Special Project – P1 ground effect

Dixon Motorsports for the whole build and race car setup

Team support -

Japanese performance

Wincy Horological

Car built, prepared and developed by Dixon Motorsports


Team Dixon Motorsports -

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