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Nippon Challenge Race Race 6 and 7 – Silverstone Race Report

Sep 27, 2017 · News & Events

All Nippon Challenge Race 6 and 7 race report – Silverstone

6th June 2009-06-08

Pics from Artech tuning, more pics and video will be up later -





After the successful race at Pembrey 3 weeks ago, we understand now our aero package is working very well on the track but the front splitter design was too weak to support all the downforce its create and caused us a DNF due to the splitter drop to the ground at the 3rd race back in Pembrey. Also we notice our splitter was sitting below the legal limit by 10mm so when we got back to our workshop we have a complete new design which allow us to adjust the splitter back up to the 75mm legal limit or to wherever we wanted depends on the track condition.

Silverstone is always the track I don’t enjoy much because lack of corners and also our car is down on power, so we didn’t expect a good result there. However we looked at the weather report on Friday morning and forecasting heavy rain is expected on the race day, we were all excited by this great news as we know we have better advantage to setup our car in the wet condition. So we put our car back on the alignment machine and gave a wet track setup before we left to Silverstone.

Qualify –

The track got even more wet in the morning, 4th gear wheels spinning on the main straight wet! I ran out to test the grip level for a few laps , the car was handling very well even on worn R888 semi slick, with the others are running cut R888 in our class, I did one fast lap just before the last lap and did a 1mins 21.1 put us on top of our class and 6 overall. All the car in front of us are in either GT300 or 500 bhp class and all 4 wheels drive.

Result –

GT250 class

Pole (6th overall) – Dixon Cheng (DMS DC2 running Semi slick) 1mins 21.1

2nd (8th overall)– Andre (ex-btcc accord) 1 mins 22.1

3rd (14th overall)– Kris (orange Civic) 1 mins 24

4th (18th overall) Paul G (DC5 integra) 1 mins 25.1

5th (20th overall) Michael (K20 ITB civic) 1 mins 25.49

Race 1 –

After the qualify, we made a few fine tuning on the suspension and tyres pressure for the race one.

Had a pretty good start with and a few subarus spun on the first corner so we took the 4th place overall and lead my class from there. The track was even more wet then in qualify and it was almost impossible to put the foot down on the straight even on 4th gear mainly due to the worn R888, but it was fun and manageable, The whole race was pretty relax and I was taking it very easy until the end.

Race 1 result –

1st DC2 – Dixon cheng (4th overall)

2nd EK – Kris (5th overall)

3rd EK – Michael (11th overall)

4th Accord – Andre (13th overall)

DNF – Paul G

Race 2 –

After race 1 it was a big relief for us because we know our car is very competitive in this wet condition with our wet track alignment setup and aero package so we relax a little and even setup a BBQ in our pit just before the race 2 only later when we line up on the grid and I started on 6th position, I notice Kris have a new grid position which sit right behind me so I thought this race is going to be more interesting as he is running on Wet cut slick and I was still running on worn R888 Semi Slick

The start wasn’t too bad and I close the door to block Kris to overtake me before the turn 1 and got Kris behind me, it was a huge relief as I know the track is still very wet and I saw myself pulling a gap from him after the first lap so I just focus in battling with the Subaru in front of me. We had a great battle and in lap 6 he made a mistake at turn 1 so I got up a place into 5th. From then it was pretty relax like on the race one and we finished in 1st again in our GT250 class and 5th overall with only 7 secs behind the GT500 class Mitsubishi EVO.

We also got the fastest lap in our class with 1 mins 19s.

Race 2 result

1st DC2 – Dixon Cheng (5th overall)

2nd EK – Kris (6th Overall)

3rd EK – Michale (12th overall)

4th DC5 – Paul G (23rd overall)

DNF –Andre due to the crash at turn 1

Once again, it was a great weekend for us as we know we finally have a completely legal and competitive car in this season and our setup work well on the track. Although we have now won a few races, we will not stop our development and we will bring out a better car with new chassis and aero upgrade for Cadwell park on 28th June.

Great thanks to our sponsors, without any of their support we won’t have a successful season like this –

Need to special thanks to Dixcel Brake at this round as they providing the excellent Carbon disk and pad which can work from this extreme condition when the others are having problem to get their brake into temperature and we already have full braking power from the first corner until the end without any problem.

DMF performance – K20 forged race engine

Artech Tuning – for supply K pro ECU and mapping

Carbonetic – carbon 1.5 way clutch diff, twin plate clutch

Camskill – tyre support

Opie oils – engine oil, gearoil, brake oi

Dixcel brake, for our full carbon disk and pad

Hybrid racing – full K swap conversion kit

HEL – Brake hose

DM Carbon – custom carbon diffuser, panel

Dyno Tech – Dyno tunning

Buddyclub – Wheels

Dixon Motorsports for the whole build and race car setup

Team support -

Japanese performance&

Wincy Horological

Car built, prepared and developed by Dixon Motorsports


Team Dixon Motorsports - http://www.dmsracingltd.com




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