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Movin’ on Up….

Sep 27, 2017 · News & Events

In January of this year we moved into a new building and while it took us a few months, we are finally all settled in! It has twice as much space as our old shop, which we will gladly use to store more inventory and hire more people. The building was in desperate need of some updates so all the wood paneling, wall paper, and carpet had to come out and fresh wood floors, new coats of paint, and all new furniture went in. We only had about a month to make all the renovations, so the entire HR family pitched in to help get it done and ready for business.

Here is the lobby before renovation (notice the awesome wood paneling):


So after the painting, flooring, and desks were installed we decided to get our logo laser cut and mounted on the wall. They were cut from lexan and painted with our specific color code. Yeah that’s right, we have our own color code :P Here is a video of the lexan being cut and prepped before paint:

Here is the wall before we added the sign:

Here is the template printed to help with the alignment for the back of the letters:

Drilling the holes for the prongs on the back of the letters:

HR Green :)

After you pull the paper down, you are left with small holes. You line up the letters, and bingo!

Here is the finished product:

What do you guys think of the new shop?! I will post more about the garage area soon.

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