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LIVE FROM JAPAN 4: Circuit Ready Stopping Power!

Sep 27, 2017

After the first encounter with the downhill braking at Sodegaura Forest Raceway it was clear that the stock brakes where getting a bit old – time for an upgrade.

After searching around online and struggling to understand the Japanese it was time to take a trip to a tuning shop. Naturally the first choice was Seeker.

After a 20 minute conversation about replacement disks and new pads the parts where on order and all that was left to do was wait for Dixcel to make the disk rotors…

Parts ready to go on

While waiting and after some phone conversations with Seeker and Spoon it was determined to also add in rigid collars and an alignment.

Rigid Collars

Out with the old…
Getting Ready for Brakes

In with the new!
All new and shiny

The rigid collars go between the subframe and chasis. With plenty of copper grease to keep things smooth.
Subframe gets supported and then the four bolts are loosened and removed one at a time:
Subframe Ready for Work

Subframe Bolt
Each rigid collar is slightly different, but most have a top part that goes between the subframe and chasis. Some also have a lower piece that goes between the subframe and the head of the bolt.
Top Collar in Place

When it is all buttoned up its time for a good old fashioned alignment:
Doing an alignment

The concept of rigid collars seemed highly suspect at first, but having felt the results first hand I can say that there was an improvement in subtle steering response at freeway speeds. There also seems to be less rattling when going over bumps at speed. For what its worth, I would recommend these – if for nothing else than it means you can get away without an alignment each time you lower the subframe…

The parts installed this time where:

  • Dixcel Slotted Disk Rotors (Fr)
  • Seeker Circuit Spec Brake Pads (Fr+Rr)
  • Seeker Red Coat Brake Lines (Fr+Rr)
  • Racing Gear High Performance Brake Fluid
  • Spoon Rigid Collars (Fr+Rr)
  • Now the proof will be in the lap times..
    Best Lap of the Day
    ~5 second improvement (likely 4+ seconds can be attributed to more confidence in the car and better knowledge of the track)

    As your resident guy on the ground in Japan I hope I can bring you some insight into the Honda scene, tuning and life in Japan. If there is something you really want to see in these posts let me know via the comments.





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