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LIVE FROM JAPAN 1: Searching for LOVE in Japan.

Sep 27, 2017 · News & Events

In my previous post I introduced the comparatively tame Hondas I have been driving for a while. Now it’s time for a change of pace.

Last year I finally convinced the boss (my Japanese better half) we needed a second car. So my search for the perfect match started and I eventually stumbled onto this:

DC5 Front

A mint condition first run Integra Type R in Championship White with the customary red interior.

The price was right and although it had 65,000kms on the odometer, it included a full history and only one owner. A quick drive (with the dealer holding on white knuckled while I winded it out to 8500RPM) I was in love.
DC5 Rear
That was the beginning, and immediately I started looking for two things:
1. A decent tuning shop to start working with
2. How much it costs to get time on Japanese race tracks

I took a trip to the legendary Spoon shop: Type One in Suginami. The were nice and friendly, but I didn’t get the sense the mechanics spent their days besting their times at the local track. Then I stumbled upon a tiny shop just down the road called Seeker. When I walked into the shop there was a few customers at the counter just having a generally interesting chat about their next modification and eventually the shop owner came over and asked me if he could help – in English.


We talked a little about the car and how I wasn’t happy with the brakes. Since I was planning to do quite a bit of circuit driving, he suggested getting some circuit spec rotors and new pads. We looked through the options and I placed an order for the first major modification to the car, and that was the beginning of many more trips to Seeker.

At the same time I started looking for an answer to the sloppy shift feel that the DC5 is notorious for. The tuners in Japan basically said it could not be fixed. Then I found hybrid racing, and discovered not only an answer for the sloppy shift feeling, but also a really helpful team with a great line up of products who were willing to help in the same style as Seeker – even if it was half-way around the world. I placed an order for the RSX shift bushings and once installed even the guys at Seeker were impressed with the solid feeling of the shifter.

Throughout these series of posts about Japan and tuning I will introduce you to the build of this car, the time I spend at various track events in Japan and many other aspects of car life in Japan.

As your resident guy on the ground in Japan I hope I can bring you some insight into the Honda scene, tuning and life in Japan. If there is something you really want to see in these posts let me know via the comments.


Editor Note: Hybrid Racing is working on offering SEEKER products shortly! If you are interested or have questions email us at sales@hybrid-racing.com

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