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September 27, 2017 2 min read

To start with a quick introduction, I am originally from Sydney Australia and in 2001 found myself in Japan being completely overwhelmed by a very unique culture. Since then I have spent more than 7 years living and working in Japan.

My love affair with Honda’s goes back about 15 years when my brother totaled our Mums little Hyundai. Which meant Dad and I were out searching for cars. The options narrowed to a Toyota Paseo, Nissan NX or a Honda Prelude. After driving all three there was no question the prelude was in another league (even if it’s considered a hairdressers car in Australia).

Thus ignited a passion for high revving engines and rock solid chassis dynamics. In the years since I have owened a few more little Hondas and loved every minute of it. Here are just a few of the cars that have shaped my experience.

After a couple of years without a car I finally picked up my first Civic, a 1995 Civic DX. As a poor student with a wife and new baby, it was cheap enough to run and still have some fun on the back roads of the North Shore in Hawaii.

When we left Hawaii and moved back to Japan we ended up with a 280hp Twin Turbo Subaru Legacy that had so much turbo lag you could lose interest before the power kicked in (but once it did – you were in for a hell of a ride).
Our Car

In 2009 we took the plunge and bought our first brand new Honda. The JDM Odyssey. In another post I will give a full introduction, but for now feast in the glory of a minivan, JDM style.
New Odyssey

I will save the last introduction, and the real reason I started talking with the guys from hybrid racing for another post… But here is a hint:

As your resident guy on the ground in Japan I hope I can bring you some insight into the Honda scene, tuning and life in Japan. If there is something you really want to see in these posts let me know via the comments.



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