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K20 with your SiR Integra?

Sep 27, 2017

When we first met Kyle last year at Eibach in California, he was driving a red RSX Type-S that he had rebuilt completely and was recently featured in Import Tuner. It was an awesome car so when Kyle called me recently to tell me that he had sold the RSX to get a mint 96 RHD SIR-G Integra, I was shocked! I immediately started asking what he was planning for the motor. This was when it got really interesting. The car didn’t come with any drive-train and he wanted to do a k-swap. I drew him up a parts list and we got the ball rolling. Based on how awesome his RSX was, this car will definitely be a sight to see. The car is still in the building process, but here are a few pictures to give a sneak peak of what is to come!

Here is the SiR being dropped off:

The swap started off pretty easy because there was no drive-train from the get go. Kyle chose the K20a2 as the new heart for his car.

The fresh K20 went in the DC2 chassis like butter. Using the Hybrid Racing Billet 75a Mounts.

Next, Kyle worked on the fuel system and shifter cables from yours truly :)

Then it was time to install the sexy shifter box:

OnTrailer BayBegining1 MotorIn3 7 6 5 8 Interior 2 small_kyle impp_1101_06_o+2004_acura_rsx_type_s+polished_k20_engine impp_1101_01_o+2004_acura_rsx_type_s+front_view


Hybrid Racing Mounts
Hybrid Racing Tucked Fuel Kit
Hybrid Racing Inline Filter
Hybrid Racing Black Fuel Rail
Hybrid Racing Swap header
Hybrid Racing Shifter
Hybrid Racing Shifter Cables
Hybrid Racing Radiator
Hybrid Racing Swap Hoses
DriveShaftShop Axles
Competition Stage 4 Clutch
Chasebays CM1 engine harness
Nardi Steering wheel

There is way more to come. Let us know what you think below in our comment section!

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