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K20 Powered GO Kart?

Sep 27, 2017 · News & Events

I think I’m in love :)

I recently received an email from a customer in Norway that included a few pictures and videos of his latest project.  I thought he was sending me pictures of his latest build, maybe a really nice Civic or Integra.  At most, I thought it might be a crazy S2K or NSX.

I never thought his latest project would be a custom endurance race car, powered by a K-series engine. But that’s exactly what it turned-out to be!


Some of the parts he used

  • Spaceframe chassis with prepreg fiberglass body.
  • Honda K20a engine with Cosworth Pectel SQ6 ECU
  • Hewland 6 speed FTR sequential transaxle controlled with pneumatic gearshift (controlled by the ECU)
  • Gearchange takes place with paddles on the steering-wheel.
  • Performance friction monobloc brakes
  • Formula 3 slick tires


endurosmall body panels The front and rear sections of the floor installed striped down milspec wiring k20a2 k20a1 k20a race1 race final1 final

And two videos of practice runs in Norway

Do you want one? What do you think?

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