K-series ECU pinouts 02-06
D David Cordell

K-series ECU pinouts 02-06

Sep 27, 2014 · Tech Articles

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M Mako
May 3, 2023

Looking for pinout engine ecu for k24a3 manual transmission

J Jason X
May 3, 2023

I am super confused why every pin out I look up has 5 populated plugs.
My RSX ECU has only 3 populated plugs as with every other ecu i have seen from an RSX.
the PRB-105 Only has connectors A, b, and E

K kyle williamson
May 3, 2023

Hi David I had spoke with you the other day about getting a conversion harness for my k20z1 swapped dc2 integra. I am running the factory harness with an adapter harness that plugs into my infinity 708 ecu. I need a harness that can plug into the e plug on the adapter and then to the chassis harness in the car. I found on your website a pin out showing the differences in the 02-04 vs my 06 harness for the e plug. I just wanted to see if I could possibly get a harness that would work with my harness with the e plug or if I can even just purchase the plugs and pin it together myself. Thanks

S sayyad khaled
May 3, 2023