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Japan Day Three, Part One: UP Garage

Sep 27, 2017

After leaving the food joint Daigo recommended, we headed back towards the hotel and planned to stop at another Japanese car parts store, Up Garage. If you don’t know what Up Garage is, check out their website here. It’s basically a used parts store (Used Parts Garage) where you can buy all kinds of second hand stuff for your ride.

This was the first time I had ever seen a rice field… right on the other side on an intersection.

I was snapping a picture of the weird bears on the sign and then the tram came out of the station.

Cars in Japan have the oddest names… the Toyota “VOXY.”

Arrived at Up Garage, you can see a cool Galant VR4 wagon parked outside.

Behind the store there was a neat looking RX7 parked along the fence. The inside was stock and it had an automatic gearbox. Check out the “MEGID-SPIRITS” and the rotary sticker on the side of it.

Walk right into the store and you get blasted in the face with wheels and tires. Stacked up everywhere, if you’re looking for a set, it’s probably here. Granted there were a lot of OEM wheels here, but every store has different inventory.

I spotted some Advan AVS T5s in the back.

Work Emotion CR-Kai, Advan RG1, (cut out of the picture is a set of bronze SE37K Volks, and Advan AVS T7.)

More used wheels, with a set of what look OEM Honda Odyssey wheels.

Advan RS in gunmetal… these were mint.

Posters of parts that they buy lined the stairs headed to the 2nd floor.

Random hoods from various cars. All of them in good shape.

One of the first things that caught my eye was a massive set of Endless brakes. Only $2700 for the pair.

Tons of shocks, springs and coilover systems were on this isle.  Most of these were for Nissan’s, Mitsubishi’s and Subaru’s.

Random aero parts.

Used bucket seats.

Recaro seat, carbon fiber WRX hood and a mint champ white EK9 hood on the end.

JDM dual din Navigation head units.

This made me laugh… an obviously cheap and fake aftermarket steering wheel.  Why someone would put one of these in their car when there is an entire store of real parts is beyond me.

Front lips stacked up. Not sure what the top two were, but there was a Varis CF front lip for an EVO that was reasonably priced.

R34 GTR front bumper

HKS Turbo manifold for an SR20DET, $125.

Stacks of cat-back exhaust systems on this isle.  Some where as cheap as $100.

It has been years since I’ve seen one of these things. Apexi N1 cat back for an S14.. one piece with no flanges.  It was 8ft long.  lol

FD2 Honda Civic Type R Brembo brake kit.  Mint condition, $875.

Tim spotted a DC2 Type R front strut bar.  $25

Various gauges and dash kits… most of these were for K cars.

More LED lights.

Intercoolers, radiators and brakes!

Scion emblems..

As we walked out I spotted a door leading into the back of the building.  I laughed at the DragonBall Z guy holding his hand up.  Not only that, but the sign was in English.

The VR4 had left and this little K car had taken it’s place.  I’m not sure what it was, some sort of Daihatsu.

Bucket seat and a Nardi wheel, along with so gauges.  Tim was convinced this guy tracked this car.

I nice Toyota Chaser that I spotted on the way back to the hotel.

An Exedy billboard.

I thought this was a cool picture of a police officer directing the crosswalk. The cops love those light sticks.

A very nice 96 spec DB8 Type R parked on the side of the road.

This area of the city was so beautiful at night.  I tried to capture more of the buildings at night, but since I’m not a professional photographer none of them are worth looking at.

So we walked out to get dinner and spotted these crazy looking scooters. If you followed our feed on Facebook while we were there, you saw the mobile upload of the last one. It was so long, I’m not sure how you could even ride that through the narrow street. All of the bikes had GOTTI FAM stickers on them, not sure what that meant.

The next morning we woke up to rain as we packed up, ate breakfast and headed down to the DC5 to set off on our journey to Tokyo.

Another awesome vehicle name… the appealing Mazda “Scrum.”

We needed fuel before we left the city so this was our chance to experience a full-service gas station.

Fuel wasn’t cheap… somewhere around $8 per gallon.

Interesting little garage.  This is a typical place where one would have their car serviced.

Filled up with fuel and then we were off!

The weather was pretty nasty for the majority of the trip so I didn’t bother taking many pictures on the way in. We will pick back up next week when we arrive in Suzuka and stop in at a used Honda car dealership for an epic experience!

Thanks for looking!


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