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Hybrid Racing’s Shop Renovation!

Sep 27, 2017 · News & Events

It seems only a short time has passed since we moved into our current building, but the reality is that we’ve been in this location since 2010. It was a huge step up for us having come from a much smaller shop with only two office rooms. Before we settled in we took the time to upgrade our office by installing new wood flooring and spraying everything with a fresh coat of paint. Our warehouse, on the other hand,  didn’t see many improvements outside of a fresh floor coating and some upper level floor reinforcements. Fast forward to 2016 and our warehouse has seen some serious abuse over the last six years from our automotive and machining projects. As we look to the future of our company we decided that this summer was the right time to revitalize our workshop the way we always wanted.

IMG_4080The first step was to remove all of the clutter and things that aren’t related to product development. 2 Consolidating equipment to one side allowed us to clean sections of the shop that had been exposed to years of grease and grime. floor Our original epoxy floor coating only lasted a few years of serious workshop abuse. It only took about 3 years before it started chipping and peeling! IMG_1902 With the race car packed up and the warehouse cleaned out we were ready to begin the arduous task of removing the epoxy floor coating. IMG_2003

IMG_2171   After a few days worth of floor grinding and cleaning, the old epoxy was completely removed. IMG_2294


IMG_2378 Now it was time to clean up and start putting up some new interior walls as well as replace some of the worn insulation. IMG_2400


IMG_2433 With the walls up we could now start the  painting phase. We opted to add a center wall in the middle of the shop to separate work areas. Our fabrication stations would be on the left section while project assembly and finishing would be in the right section. IMG_2441 We primed the entire shop including the underside of the ceiling upstairs mezzanine. IMG_2544

IMG_2545 After priming came the top and bottom base colors. Light gray on top, dark gray on the bottom. We left some overlap in the middle where we would put our color stripe. IMG_2546 With the floor washed and acid etched it was time to mix and apply the new epoxy floor coating. We used the Epoxy Coat system which is 100% solids epoxy for a long lasting, durable finish. IMG_2569

IMG_2549 Time to apply! IMG_2558


IMG_2584 After a few days of mixing, pouring, rolling and drying  the 3 step system was complete. Primer, base and a top clear coat was applied for a nice smooth and durable finish. We left out the decorative flakes as we felt the pure gray looked amazing. IMG_2649  IMG_2652  IMG_2647 With the shop nearing completion we are finally ready to bring our cars and tools back into their new spots. We will have more to come once we get new shelving and tables, but the hard part is over! IMG_0203

IMG_0204 We aren’t finished yet! Stay tuned for more info once our lift and other new tools are delivered! Thanks to everyone that helped get this place together! Will, David, Will B, Joey, Kody, Jimmy and Red!


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