Hybrid Racing Golden Era Honda Keys
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Hybrid Racing Golden Era Honda Keys

Feb 24, 2023 · Buying Guides · Tech Articles

The idea of a custom key isn't revolutionary. Many companies have offer bespoke keys for all types of cars, but as a Honda enthusiats, I found none of them resonated with me. European cars have many choices and while there are Japanese companies creating special keys, none of them are specific to one brand. 

Years ago we had the idea of creating a key for the golden era Hondas. The idea that an enthusiats could have something special to start their prized Honda car. Fast forward nearly three years and I'm proud to say we have realized that dream and now offer them to the public. 

The design insipiration is simple... Racing. To us (and to Sichiro Honda himself) Honda means racing. It's imbedded in its history. Racing has always been a passsion for Honda and that is a sentiment we share. 

That's why we chose to take Honda's racing history and use it to inspire the shape of our keys. A few major things come to mind when I think of Honda's prestigious pedigree, one starting back in the 1960's with their first go at the World's top form of Motorsports: Formula One

Fast forward to the 1980's and Honda's worldwide sucess allowed them to develop and use new technology that played a key role in winning the F1 World Championship in 1988, 1989, 1990, & 1991.

One of the most dominate cars in history was the Honda - McLaren MP4/4 driven by Aytron Senna & Alain Prost. This was powered by a turbo Honda V6 which would win 15 of 16 races that season. 


Named the "Heritage" Key, this design comes heavily from the Championship Winning F1 car. You can see the how the overall shape mimics the sidepod shape of the car. The inset is shaped around the side duct and rear wing profile design of the Honda NSX. Combined, this key pays tribute to Honda's heritage in motorsports. 

We have two designs because it was impossible to choose a favorite. Our "Formula" key takes inspiration from Honda's modern Formula One entry paired again with a World Championship winning team, McLaren. 

Moderen regulations and areodynamics allowed designers to create sidepods and cooling veins that resemble a teardrop shape. We used that as the inspiration behind our key, mimicing a smooth, aerodynamic flow. 

These keys are unique in not only their shape, style and inspiration but the finish was the most difficult part of this entire project. The reality of racing cars is that while most are modern technological marvels, they're not perfect. 

Although these keys are 3D machined on a multi axis CNC, they've been blasted to simulate a raw, almost cast-like finish. A multi layer nickle plating was colored to simulate the color of Honda's history engines. 

 We know how important cars are. Spending thousands of hours and dollars on something to make your own, means it becomes a part of you. Having a special key for that special project makes it even more meaningful. 


Our Golden Era Keys are availalbe for purchase now! 




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