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Hybrid Racing goes to Japan!!

Sep 27, 2017 · News & Events

Tomorrow morning at 5AM, David Cordell and I will be embarking on a 9 day journey across Japan to race on some historic tracks, meet fellow Honda enthusiasts and spread the Hybrid Racing gospel.

As a company dedicated to designing the world’s greatest performance parts for Hondas and Acuras, we felt it was finally time to visit the birthplace of Honda to get a deeper understanding of where it all started!

Along the way we will meet up with our friend and long term customer, Tim Denley, and his DC5 Integra Type R to do a live install (on Facebook) of an upcoming product that’s been Top Secret until now. We will be testing quite a few parts out at Tsukuba Circuit during a special track day event. We’ll also be using the trip to meet up with a few other leading Honda performance parts manufacturers all across Japan.

Our plan is to work with these companies to bring some well-known Japanese brands to our amazing customers and to make our parts more accessible in Japan. Over the coming months, we plan to roll out 100′s of new brands, and we want to kick it off with some of the best in the industry.

Here are just a few of the shops and tracks we will be visiting along the way:

J’s Racing







UP Garage

Mugen Headquarters

Backyard Special

Honda Museum

Tsukuba Circuit

And More!

We will be live blogging the event on facebook.com/hybridracing with tons of photos and commentary along with recaps here on our blog. Follow along with us as we immerse our senses in Japanese car culture and gain a deeper understanding of where it all began.

Once last thing… As we travel across Japan we will be picking up random parts, candy, food, magazines etc. When we get back we will be running a contest on Facebook to give it all away to you guys for being loyal Hybrid Racing customers! Like us on Facebook and stay tuned to get kick ass Japanese swag.

Talk to you soon,

William Davidson


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