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Hybrid Racing Del Soul Feature FTW!!

September 27, 2017 4 min read

Since the car was going straight to the body shop after everything was taken off, the time available with the car was very minimal. Parts were being ordered left and right and they were going on as fast as they were coming in. This was a team effort with one goal in mind: to make it to Import Alliance 2009. Needless to say, the car made it!

Everyone at the meet stopped and looked, took pictures, and asked questions about it. In fact, this is exactly how I met the HR team. I was walking around the meet talking to people, riding my scooter with my awesome hat, and I came across this car. I was pretty much in love with it instantly and had to know more about it. So I started talking to Dave about the car and what had been done to it. During our conversation he noticed I had a decent camera with a wide angle lens and he asked me to take a couple pictures of it. So, I took some pictures of the engine bay and a few other shots and chilled at the booth for the rest of the day. The next week I edited and sent the photos to HR. This opened the door for me to start making their stickers (the free ones you get when you buy something from HR) and talking to them about doing a Kswap. So, we discussed it and I decided to sell all my B-series stuff to get a K20 going in my car. After a couple months and a handful of successful sticker batches, I got a phone call from David asking me to take a trip down to the shop because the owner (Will) wanted to interview me for an open position. I made a trip down to the Bayou State and spent the day here at the shop. I talked to Will and had an interview, and then we all went out to chill and hang out. After a long month I moved here to work for Hybrid full time!

So, the moral of the story is: I took a pictures that changed my life! Ok, so now on to the Del Sol since I got side tracked… damn ADHD!

I love the attention to detail in every part of the Del Sol. From the Dupont battleship gray outside, to the amazing artwork of the graffiti engine bay, there was nothing left untouched on this car. It is still hard to believe that this car was built in such a short amount of time. IA was a huge success and opened doors for me as well as the shop. Even though we did not have the Del Sol at IA this year, it will be back! We are in the process of changing up a few things and if you keep checking the site you will be the first to see the changes!

Click HERE for more on the build of the project Del Soul!

Below are some pictures of the Del Sol from the Honda-Tuning Magazine Feature.

Visit our Fan Page for more Honda-Tuning and other pictures.

small_itb my pic 3765718553_849879748c_b 3765720183_9c8afd9df3_b htup_1007_06_o+1997_honda_del_sol_si+motor_shot htup_1007_15_o+1997_honda_del_sol_si+motor_mount_shot htup_1007_07_o+1997_honda_del_sol_si+fuel_rail_shot htup_1007_13_o+1997_honda_del_sol_si+motor_mount_view htup_1007_03_o+1997_honda_del_sol_si+interior_shot htup_1007_01_o+1997_honda_del_sol_si+rear_view htup_1007_02_o+1997_honda_del_sol_si+front_view htup_1007_08_o+1997_honda_del_sol_si+rear_view htup_1007_17_o+1997_honda_del_sol_si+rims_view

Below is a parts list to give you an idea of what’s going on behind the scenes.


1997 Honda Del Sol
JDM Front bumper
JDM fenders
JDM one piece headlights
JDM Clear side markers
Battleship gray exterior/interior paint
Shaved antenna, emblem holes, engine bay
Graffiti Engine bay artwork by Never Rotten (aka Marc Fresh)
New OEM Mudflaps
New OEM moldings
New OEM sideskirts
New OEM cowl
New OEM weather stripping

Status Ring Kevlar buckets
Buddy Club seat brackets
HR bolt in shifter
Custom painted HR shift knob
Custom painted MOMO steering wheel
Quick Release
Custom painted fuel pump cover
HR brake line tuck kit
Bat relocation kit

K20A2 engine
Weisco 12.0:1
Blueprint Rods
Blueprinted and balanced crank
Skunk2 Pro Series valvetrain
Brian Crower Stage 2 cams
Kinsler 57mm ITBs with custom brackets
Polished HR fuel rail
Chrome powder coated valve cover
Chrome powder coated ITB air horns
HR SS “showtime” engine bolt kit
Shaved water pump housing
Karcepts AC/PS relocation kit
Comp Stage 4 clutch
Comp lightweight flywheel
Hondata intake manifold gasket
HR/Chasebays edition CM2 mil spec engine wiring harness
SSR/DTR Fab Race header
HR Tucked grounding kit

Swap parts:
HR custom tucked fuel kit
HR bolt in full size rad
HR Dual Rad fans
Custom HR tucked clutchline
HR K swap bolt in mounts
DSS 2.9 swap axles
HR Race shifter cables
HR Rad hoses w/ t-bolt clamps
HR V3 conversion harness
Earls Inline filter
Hondata KPRO
Tuning by P. Ruffino
Karcepts Rad bracket

GSR Front and rear brakes
Hawk brake pads
SS brake lines
Skunk2 Pro C coilovers
Skunk2 Front and rear camber kits
Function 7 lower control arms
15×9 +15 Diamond Racing Challenger wheels
Falken 195/50/15 tires
Project Kics R40 Neo Prono Lugs

If you have any questions shoot me an email:     tim@hybridracing.com

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