Hybrid Racing Celebrates 20 Years! 2003-2023
D David Cordell

Hybrid Racing Celebrates 20 Years! 2003-2023

May 12, 2022 · News & Events

Wow, time flies! That's right, 2023 marks our 20th annivasary! 

From clear taillights and baggy jeans to 3D models and boardrooms we've come a long way. Without getting too mushy... let's take a trip down memory lane!

Hybrid Racing started a small garage in Mandeville, Louisiana by a group of friends that wanted to have fun tuning up cars. Honda has always been our passion but back then, we worked on any import. From turbo timer installs in STi's to Celica superchargers, we worked on it. But before we had a shop, it was engine swaps in the driveway. 

During the early years of trying to keep our lights on we always had the hunger for more. We searched for easier ways, new solutions and creative builds. With our small shop floor filled with truckloads of Honda B-Series engines, we knew there was an opportunity to take the K20 and be different. 

The first K20 project went down over the course of a few months which resulted in a midnight rip down the street in front of our shop. Boy were we on to something. 


Fast forward a few years and we moved to manufacturing our producs by CNC machining the engine mounts in house. In addition to the EG/DC swap kit, we created an all billet version of an EK mount kit. 



Our first website launched in 2003 and then updated in 2004. That was really the beginning of our business as it allowed us to reach customers from around the world through the internet. Message boards like Honda-Tech and K20A.org were pivital to our sucess as well since it connected us with so many like-minded enthusiasts. 


After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, we opted to relocate our business to Baton Rouge, LA. We rented a new unit and fitted it with more tools, storage and employees. Growth was slow but consistent and it was really during this time that we were able to create and package many novel solutions for the Honda K-swap. We would go on to create the first wire harness, fuel line, clutch line, engine mount and axle kits for the EG/DC/EK K-Series swap. 

Our Imola Orange K20 Civic was featured on the cover of Modified Magazine in 2006. 

We build another shop EG which was used to test the durability of our products on the race trac. In addition, we also took on workshop jobs, installing engines and building cars for select local clients. 

With the sucess of our Imola Orange EK Civic build that was featured on the cover of Modified Magazine in 2006, our phones and inboxes were alive with people calling about our K-Swap parts. 




As the years went on, we kept racing and building more cars. Our product line continuted to grow as well as our customer reach. 

We began to create new products, mainly a new engine mount kit with some steel brackets. 


and a product that would change our company and the K-Series swap industry, the first bolt-in shifter. 

After various iterations and testing the design was updated. 

In 2008 we began on a new project, a Del Sol. 

This was a new project for us since it was a car built mainly for a showcase. This was around the time when tucked engine bays were gaining popularity and we wanted to have a car that stood out. A local artist came through in a big way and painted the engine bay for us.

We worked non stop over the next few days to put the car together as we were going to debut it at Import Alliance in Nashville, TN.

This car would eventually make its way into Honda Tuning in 2009. 

The next huge build would come shortly after, comissioned by a customer who wanted a fully restored, track weapon. The car was dopped off and we got to work. 

During the build we out grew our Drusilla location and moved into another warehouse. This would be our home for the next ten years while we continue to grow and overcome all sorts of obstacles. 
We brought manufacturing in house and begain producing our own parts. 
After a few years we decided to change directions and refresh our workshop. We gained many top tier manufacuting and sourcing partners that helped us improve the quality and speed of our production so in house manufacturing was no longer necessary. 

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