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HR Short Shifter Assemblies

Sep 27, 2017


Short Shifter Assemblies by Hybrid Racing

For years, installing a shifter into a K-swapped vehicle meant cutting a large section out of chassis’ center tunnel to mount an OEM RSX shifter to a stainless steel plate. This meant that the engine swap was basically irreversible. That’s why Hybrid Racing developed a bolt-in shifter specifically meant for K-swapped Honda and Acura chassis.

The Hybrid Racing bolt-in short shifter mounts to your chassis using only 4 M8 bolts. Two bolts utilize the stock bolt holes behind the stock shifter location and two holes must be drilled in the center tunnel. The two drilled holes are located under the dash board so that they are hidden once the shifter is installed.

The shifter has adjustable throw and can be set at 100% stock throw, 75% stock throw, and 50% stock throw (percentages are approximate, exact numbers depend on what height the shift knob has been adjusted to). In addition, the throw for the front/back and left/right motions can be independently adjusted so that you can fine tune the shift pattern to better suit your individual taste.

Unlike the stock RSX shifter and most RSX style short shifters on the market, the Hybrid Racing shifter features a stainless steel (not plastic) pivot ball. Also, all spherical joints are woven PTFE lined chrome-plated steel, opposed to the plastic joints in the RSX style shifter that wear out given enough hard shifts. What all of this translates into is a smoother, more solid feeling shift and an overall more durable product. The main pivot ball is clamped inside a set of spherical delrin cups that hold the shift stick firmly, but allow it to pivot freely.


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