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HR K-Swap Radiator Install Guide (EK/EG)

by admin September 27, 2017

Hybrid Racing K Series Swap Radiator Install

Instructions Version 1.5:

Below you will find instructions on how to install your Hybrid Racing radiator.

*Radiator Kits may not be legal for highway use. Hybrid Racing is not responsible for any direct or indirect, actual or incidental expense attributed to the use of any performance parts sold by Hybrid Racing LLC. Purchasers agree to all of the terms of this agreement upon the purchase of parts. More information can be found at www.hybrid-racing.com.


  • Hybrid Racing radiator, drain plug and radiator cap


  • Slim Fan
  • Fan mounting tabs
  • OEM rubber tab grommets
  • Radiator stay bracket
  • Fan switch and coolant temperature sensors

Before beginning the installation please note that these products were designed around a factory Honda Civic. If your chassis has been modified, or repaired because of damage some parts may not fit correctly and some minor modifications may be required.


1. Begin by removing all of the factory radiator and AC components.

2. Mount the fan using fan mounting hardware. (Contact Hybrid Racing if you do not have these)

3. Mount the fan in the appropriate direction and push the tabs through the radiator fins. Make sure not to damage any of the cooling fins.

  • Install the protective square on the face of the radiator.

  • After the tab has been pushed through, clip and slide the back piece and make sure the fan is secured tightly to the radiator.

4. Place the radiator along with the OE rubber grommets into the factory AC location.

  • Note: The fan should be attached at this point!

5. Once the radiator has been mounted, secure with a radiator stay bracket.

6. Install the drain bolt. Thread sealer can be used if desired.

7. Install the Fan Switch sensor into the bottom bung. (connect to your conversion harness)

8. Connect the coolant temperature sensor in the bung at the top of the radiator. (connect to your conversion harness)

9. Connect the proper radiator hoses, and fill system with coolant. (radiator hoses may vary due to different applications and parts)

10. Check for any leaks.

Fan Wiring

11. Locate the factory fan connector located near the stock OE radiator fan was. The easiest way to connect the fan is to use the crimp on connectors, remove the stock plug and crimp on the wire connector ends.

12. Connect the wires to the new slim fan.

13. Let the car warm up, watching the coolant temperature level. When the fan kicks on, (either set by the fan switch, or KPRO) confirm the fan is turning the proper way. If it is not, switch the wires on the connector.

You have successfully installed your K series swap radiator!!!

If you have any questions or comments please email

Legal Disclaimer

Users assume all cost and risk associated with these or any other items purchased from the hybrid racing LLC web site.

Parts sold or manufactured by Hybrid Racing LLC may not meet legal requirements for use on public roads. People thinking about purchasing product from Hybrid Racing LLC should check with their local or state authorities for legality. It is the user’s responsibility to know and comply with all local and federal laws and regulations. Use or installation of Hybrid Racing LLC products may affect user insurance and/or vehicle warranty coverage. It is the user’s sole responsibility for consequences that may occur due to having the product installed in his/her vehicle.

Hybrid Racing LLC assumes no legal responsibilities and/or liabilities, whether to user’s vehicle, engine, person(s), and/or property(s), that result from the use of, or servicing of a vehicle of which a Hybrid Racing LLC product has been installed/attempted to be installed, or to any other vehicle(s) and/or person(s), regardless of whether or not this product has any involvement directly or indirectly and/or liability, and/or whether or not proper installation has been carried forth.

All engines, engine parts and electrical components are for OFF ROAD USE ONLY/RACING VEHICLES ONLY. They are not for or to be used on public roads in the USA.

Acquisition of a Hybrid Racing LLC product will act as an acknowledgment of the legal disclaimer stated herein.

Hybrid Racing LLC reserves the right to change this disclaimer at any time without any prior consent or notification.

Should you need to contact us our details are as follows:

Hybrid Racing LLC, 3348 Drusilla Lane, Suite 2C, Baton Rouge, LA 70809


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