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HR Feature Car Friday, Issue 3: Honda’s forgotten chassis gets K power!

Sep 27, 2017

When you say civic, 93 hatches & 99 Si’s come to mind; maybe an EP3 or an FG2 if you’re a new school guy. The EM2 has traditionally been Honda’s “black sheep” since it was packing an anemic bastard D series, and styling that left something to be desired. That was until Sim Ohal Of Tampa FL got his hands on it, admittedly he was a little lost at first “I had the ricey stage at first like everybody else…..It consisted of CF altezza tails and lambo doors when they were HOT.” The exterior of the EM2 already had a full Kaminari fascia kit, with carbon fiber replacements for the trunk & hood plus a fresh coat of Imola orange off an NSX so a heart transplant was next on the list!

Once he saw the light in regards to the “show” stuff the “go” stuff got started with a K20A2 held in with a set of Hasport engine mounts. Hybrid Racing’s wiring harness conversion got the K swap firing right, and stainless steel fuel lines mated to a Hybrid Racing fuel rail keeps the K series thirst quenched. Greddy supplied an Evo2 cat back exhaust paired with a Buddy Club exhaust manifold to get the spent gasses out. The standard 15” wheels on the EM2 got switched out for a set of 18 inch Volk Racing GTN’s and “moar low”got accomplished with a full set of Tein coilovers.

The roots of this unloved little chassis are firmly planted in the early 2000′s, Sim said “As for as Honda’s, after I saw Fast & Furious I started to look online for forums was just hooked on that car and what people were doing to their Honda’s in general.” Even though he’s had it since new this civic won’t be leaving his driveway anytime soon, initially common a modified EM2 that has power to back it up is a rare site anywhere! -Brian

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K20A2 Engine Swap

Hondata Intake manifold gasket

Hondata KPro ECU

Stainless steel fuel lines

Hybrid Racing fuel rail

Hybrid Racing wiring conversion harness

Hasports motor mounts

Samco radiator hoses

OEM EP3 Idler Pulley

OEM JDM Valve Cover

OEM JDM Dip Stick

Battery relocated

ARC titanium spark plug cover

ARC DC5 super induction box

ARC radiator cap

ARC oil cap

Greddy Evo2 cat back exhaust

Greddy raidatior overflow tank

Buddy Club race header


Progress sway bars FR & RR

Dezod Motorsports sway bar end links

Tein SSP coilovers

Function7 lower control arms

SPC camber kit

Brembo big brake kits

ARP extended wheel studs

Project Kics lug nuts

JDM DC5 Cusco Front Upper Strut Bar

JDM DC5 Cusco Rear Upper Strut Bar


FR: 18” Volk Racing GT-N’s, Toyo FZ4 215/35/18

RR: 18” Volk Racing GT-N’s, Toyo FZ4 215/35/18


Kaminari full fascia kit

MimoUSA carbon fiber door pillars

Cusco exhaust hanger bushings

JDM EP3 emblems

Seibon OEM carbon fiber hood

VIS Racing carbon fiber trunk

Bomex Aero side mirrors

Bride Ergo II Seats

Bride custom door panel inserts

Bride custom shift boot

Bride seat brackets

Takata harnesses

Takata pads

Mugen shift knob

Buddy Club short shifter

carbon fiber fuel pump cover

Mugen ECU stand

JDM radio cover

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