Honda & Acura @ SEMA 2017
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Honda & Acura @ SEMA 2017

Nov 15, 2017
SEMA 2017 was just as insane as every other SEMA event but, for me, it was a bit more special due to the amount of Honda Civic Type R's that went into every tuner/wheel booth in the convention hall. 
While I could spend hours writing about all of the cool custom stuff, I will keep this post focused on the Honda & Acura section. 
We will start off with the new FK8 Civic Type R that Honda had kitted out with the entire HFP / Honda Accessory catalogue. Love it or hate it... it is there. I guess this is proof that Honda of Japan still holds the reins tight, especially with Honda's flagship hot hatch.
This NH-0 FK8 shows nice with the optional white wheels and red front end trim...even if you don't like it. 
Most FK8 owners will squint at the red accent trims but, I guess it's ok. What were you expecting after all? The car comes with faux carbon trim. 
While there are tons of other wheel choices that make this car look better these aren't bad. I wish they came in any color other than white, but, they are nice enough. 
Another optional accessory that FK8 owners are thinking about is the carbon fiber trims which feature a special red weave. I think that actual traditional carbon would be the prefered choice for most people but the red accent is cool, I guess. 
 Same thing goes for the rear wing. To me, traditional carbon fiber would look better but hey, that's what the aftermarket industry is for. 
On the wall you will see a few other red carbon trim pieces and, my favorite of the bunch, Type R illuminated door sills. Pretty cool. 
Team Honda Research West (THRW) had one of their endurance cars on display as well. It appears to be a pretty stock car with the exception of the wheels, tires and full roll cage/safety systems. 
I could live without the tire paint, but hey, it's a racecar. 
Pretty standard stuff inside for an endurance car of this class. 
It was cool to see how they mounted the fuel cell right in the middle of the backseat, but it doesn't appear that everything was connected in time for the SEMA show. 
The new Civic Si sedan was also on display with some HFP optional accessories. The front lower lip, side skirts and spoiler are nice touches but the sedan is too grandma for me. The FA5/FD2 sedans looked amazing but the new 10th gen sedan just doesn't give me the sporty vibe...even with a center exit exhaust. 
The HFP display shows a bunch of accessory parts for the Civic hatch, Civic Si and the Honda Fit. Again, I'm really glad that Honda offers this stuff to US customers but when will they get real with performance products? Red painted drilled rotors? Red spoilers? C'mon Honda... it's not 2001 anymore. 
Another view of the optional wheels, etc. 
One of the only cars that made sense to me was Kevin's Civic Si coupe which runs the new K20C powertrain. Kevin is a Honda engineer that works at the Marysville plant and he built this car to run in the SCCA STU class. The car runs a 36mm restrictor, stand-alone engine management and other cool racecar only parts. 
One of the coolest things about this car are the wheels and stance. It rides on a class-limited 17x8 inch wheel however the front suspension has been pushed outwards by over 20mm. The WedsSport TC105N wheels in titanium silver is a nice touch as well. Great wheels for the money. 
The cockpit is all business in here. Everything you need, nothing you don't. 
The K20C engine looks right at home. Honda Performance Development camber plates and a Hybrid Racing cold air intake system are really the only performance mods under the hood. 
One of the most popular talking points at the Honda booth was the fact that Honda will now sell you a "crate" motor for about $6,000. What they don't tell you is that they aren't going to sell them to just anyone. 
For anyone interested in joining Honda's Racing Line program, you can find the requirements here. Without being an active member of this program, you can't buy anything from HPD. 
There were a few other cool cars hanging out in the area. This TLX Pikes Peak race car was pretty neat even with the blue wheels. 
Same thing goes for this awesome Pikes Peak NSX race car. 
One of the more exciting cars in the area was the new ARX-05 Acura Motorsports DPI car that will be competing in January's Rolex 24 at Daytona. I wish I could have taken a picture of this thing next to the Honda Fit. This single-seater prototype car is extremely small. It's cool to see Acura Motorsports back racing in North America in the DPI class... even if this thing is a reworked ORECA 07 chassis using the Honda AR35TT, an HPD engine that has been winning races in some form since 2011. Again.. super cool to see them bringing the Motorsports vibe back to the brand regardless of how it happens. I'll be cheering for Team Penske in a few months! 
The Redbull Rallycross Civic Coupe was on display as well. Cool to see it covered in its battle bashed body and dirt. 
My favorite car in the entire booth was, of course, the all carbon fiber NSX GT3 race car. 
What a machine! 
The Honda HPD Formula 3 on display was really awesome even with the new mandated halo. 
Honda's shifter karts are the things every kid dreams of until they get to drive it. These things are insanely scary fast to race. 
That's all of the Honda / Acura SEMA booth, be sure to check out more blogs coming over the next few months as we explore more of the Honda Civic Type R and more of Honda's racing cars. Thanks for reading.

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