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Holy Shit… thats how you build a car Part 1

Sep 27, 2017

After being outta the Honda game for about a year, I decided it was time for another build! I just picked up this rig tonight finally, I have wanted a 4dr Integra FOREVER and I finally found one I liked. It’s a ’98 Integra LS in the pretty rare Citrus Silver… not that it will stay that color haha. I got it from a guy who let it sit in his front yard under a HUGE tree not running for a year. With our “hurricane” winds last week, the tree came down and missed the Teg by 6 INCHES! He showed me pics but I don’t have them. After a quick run through the car wash I got it home and decided I at least wanted to know what was wrong with it and I was parting out the engine stuff already lol. I’ll let the pics speak for themselves on what’s wrong, and the pistons were really that clean when I took the head off, but for some reason the engine only had about 1 and 3/4 quarts of oil in it, I guess the MASSIVE oil leak out of the distributor and cam seal might have had something to do. It looks like the rear main is leaking too…

I’m really gonna try to outdo myself on this one, I have LOTS in plan for it including 5 lug conversion, one-off CCW wheels, a K20Z1 swap with custom Raychem MilSpec harness, full 10pt cage setup, engine bay that will blow minds, JDM front end with Charge Speed lips, a custom paint scheme which should raise a few eyebrows, and lots of other things that you will see along the way, which has dubbed this car by friends “The Headscratcher”. well here are the pics I have right now, updates as soon as I get them! Enjoy the build!

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