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Guest post by ABUNAI Racing!

Sep 27, 2017 · News & Events

Intro: I purchased the ’97 integra gsr in the winter of 03 I believe, for the sole purpose of daily commuting. I owned a few cars at the time, one of which was my race car; project mandy, 623whp hotrod 93 civic hb and the other my ’68 mini cooper, none of which I can consider a true daily driver.

Anyways, shortly after I purchased the integra I couldn’t resist and the temptations won me over. I lowered it on some nice wheels and converted the car to 98+ itr spec (front end, rear end, full itr interior, etc.) eventually I ended up putting a jdm itr front end, painting it and slapping a Jackson racing supercharger on it.

With all the mugen arsenal, jdm spec parts, and jrsc in place I thought that was it. I’m done. That I thought until a deal of a life time came around. The vicious cycle starts all over again. I had the opportunity to purchase a clean integra running and complete w/ a k20r from a friend that was getting out of the game. Since he barely drove the car after he completed it and I knew him, I knew I was getting a very clean swap and car that I couldn’t pass up on the deal.

The game plan I originally had in mind was just to transfer everything over into my integra. Simple right? Wrong. Since I was already pulling out the swap out of my integra, I thought to myself I might as well do everything right and get the best shit out on the market.

Projected goal of the rebuild is to have a very clean and subtle engine bay; repaint and tuck the wiring and brake lines. I want to also drop a new set of custom wheels. And prep the chasis more for drag race applications. With the help of a few companies (like hybrid racing) and shops I can have the car ready and debut at nisei showoff, in downtown los angeles.

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