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Feature Car Friday: Mad Max EM1

Sep 27, 2017

Every time I see Michael Hack’s EM1 I always think of the black Ford Falcon that Mel Gibson’s character drove in the famous move “Mad Max.” I guess it’s also a coincidence that it too is from Australia. It’s not often you see cars like this being built in a home garage and as far as I have seen, none coming from down under. Mike has owned this car for over 8 years and it has certainly been through it’s fair share of phases. Not only has the car seen different styles and parts, but it has also been through five engines including the K24 power plant that it holds now. Once the last setup, a built B20 VTEC with ITB’s developed gearbox issues, he decided it was time to spring for the K-series engine swap. Some time later after getting in touch with me, we set him up with a turn key package that would not only make the swap easy, but allow his car to get back to doing what it did best… race.

Once the parts showed up, Mike got to work on the swap while also doing other aero and suspension / brake mods. Mike mentioned that “the car is almost 100% DIY (apart from tuning) by myself with some help from my dad,” and that he wouldn’t have it any other way. Issues with his last mechanic really pushed him to do as much of the work as possible. It gave him a lot of first hand experience which not only helped with knowledge of of the car, but it also meant that he was able to repair the car himself saving time and money.

Mikes K24A3 engine

Custom made aluminum wing supports allow the wing to connect directly to the chassis of the car. Bolting a wing directly to trunk lids allow the downforce to be absorbed by the body panels and isn’t an efficient way of transferring the force to the chassis.

A front splitter is made from a simple sheet of plywood.

Once together Mikes took the car to MSC Performance in Melbourne Australia and had the car tuned. It pumped out 140kw at the wheels (roughly 180whp) and weighs in 964kg (2125lbs.) It doesn’t seem like much but Mike assures that the car is extremely quick and powerful enough to pump out great lap times. He has finished within the top 5 times of each track event he has attended although he is still working on and tuning the car.

Enjoy the pictures of Michael’s car and if you want to follow his build, check it out here. We applaud his ambition and hope that he continues to work on his car as much as he can… doing this stuff in his garage at home.

With more track events booked for 2013, Mike plans to get back to the track and continue to refine his setup. We look forward to seeing more!


- K24a3 with stock stock internals
- ITR 50 degree VTC gear
- DC5R 6 speed Box
- GearX complete Short ratio gearset
- Wavtrack LSD
- ORC clutch
- ERLS s2000 oil pump kit
- JDMyard custom sump baffle
- RBC intake Manifold bored to match 70mm TB
- Hybrid racing 70mm TB
- Hybrid Racing CAI
- Hybrid racing Kswap headers
- Custom 3″ straight through Exhaust
- Hybrid Racing chain tensioner
- Hybrid racing Kswap wire harness
- Hybrid Racing fuel rail,
- Hybrid Racing Kswap fuel line kit
- FIC 650 injectors
- Hybrid Racing Monoblock fuel pressure regulator
- Russel Fuel pressure Gauge
- Walbro 255lph fuel pump
- Hybrid racing Alternator relocate/air con delete kit
- Hybrid racing Kswap radiator
- Hybrid Racing Radiator hoses
- Hybrid Racing Slim line oil cap
- Hybrid Racing braided clutch line
- Hondata Kpro ECU
- Hybrid Racing Engine Mounts
- Mfactory Oil Cooler kit
- Circuit Hero Chain guide
- Circuit Hero plug cover
- P2R IM gasket
- P2R TB gasket
- Carbing Radiator cooling plate
- Power steering deleted
- HAMP oil filter
- Mugen thermostat
- ENDYNE oil catch can
- Bolt Boys Kseries Hex head bolt kit
- TEGIWA anodized black rocker cover nuts and brushed washers


- Buddyclub Racing spec Coil overs
- Hardrace Front + Rear camber arms
- Hardrace rear toe adjuster arms
- Hardrace spherical bearing rear trailing arm bushings
- Hardrace Bushings replacing OEM where possible
- Hardrace steering rack bushings
- Hardrace ITR front lower control arms
- ITR front forks
- DC2 front swaybar
- Hardrace front sway bar endlinks
- Hardrace front roll centre adjusters
- Function 7 rear swaybar brace
- Function 7 RCA
- Function 7 rear sway bar adjustable endlinks
- EK9 Rear swaybar
- DC2R front strut-bar
- PasswordJDM rear trunk brace
- ITR steering rack


- Spoon DC2R Twin block front callipers
- Ferodo Ds2500 pads
- Fastbrakes 282mm blank front rotors
- Goodridge braided brake lines
- EK9 master cylinder
- EK9 Brake booster
- Stock rear brakes with OEM brake pads
- ABS system deleted
- Motul RBF 600 brake fluid


- Custom Chromoly half cage
- Hybrid racing gear knob
- Hybrid racing shifter box
- Hybrid Racing shifter cables
- Bride Zeta 3 drivers seat
- Bride seat rail
- Willans 6pt harness
- Spoon steering wheel hub
- Nardi 350mm deep corn wheel
- EK9 Pedals
- EK9 cluster
- Carbing Dead pedal
- Carbing heel adjustment plate
- Autometer Pro comp oil pressure gauge
- Autometer Pro comp oil temp gauge
- Autometer Pro comp Water temp gauge
- Autometer Pro comp Vac gauge
- Deka ext12 lightweight battery (4kg)
- Pivot volt stabiliser
- Password JDM CF fuel tank cover

Wheels and Tires:

- Front: 6uL 15×9 with Hoosier R6 225/45/15
- Rear: 6uL 15×8 with Hoosier R6 225/45/15
- H&R 10mm spacers up front
- H&R 5mm spacers at rear
- ARP extended wheel studs


- DIY front splitter setup
- JDMyard splitter brackets
- TopOne front canards
- DIY rear diffuser
- DIY cut front fenders
- APR GT300 wing DIY custom mounted directly to chassis inside trunk
- PasswordJDM CF headlight blockoffs
- Lexen windows all round (except front windscreen)
- PCI 5″ alloy sideskirts
- CF trunk lid
- Seibon CF Hood
- Aerocatch hood pins
- FRP rear flares
- APR CF mirrors
- spoon windscreen wipers

- Egg.


Hybrid Racing, HardRace Suspension Australia, MSC, and a special thanks to JDMYard.

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