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DMS Race Car Specification

Sep 27, 2017 · News & Events


DMS performance 2.15 Brian Crower high compression race engine

Internal parts – Trade Secret

Hybrid racing engine mount

Hybrid racing Kswap harness

Aeromotive fuel regulator

Hybrid racing fuel rail

DMS Race Car


K20 DC5 gearbox with Carbonetic 4.4 Final drive

Carbonetic 1.5 way carbon plate LSD

Carbonetic Twin plate Carbon clutch


Hybrid racing custom intake

RBC intake manifold

Hybrid racing exhaust manifold

Tanabe SMR exhaust

Front Suspension

Ohlins Custom Spec DFV coilover 16kg/mm

Carbing front 3 points brace

Hardrace Spherical camber kit

Mugen 26mm Front sway bar

Whiteline Caster kit

Full Hardrace Spherical bearing bush kit

Rear Suspension

Ohlins custom spec DFV coilover 12kg/mm

Mugen 24mm Rear sway bar

Hard race spherical bearing camber kit, Toe control kit, Rear trailing arms

Hard race spherical bearing bush kit


AP Racing 4 pots calliper

Dixcel 295mm FCR Carbon slotted disk front

Dixcel R01 carbon pad

Dixcel rear slotted disk OEM size

Dixcel rear Type Z carbon pad

HEL Braided hose

Castrol SRF racing brake oil


K-pro mapped by Artech tuning


Defi Control Unit3

Defi BF oil temp

Defi BF oil pressure

Defi BF 11000rpm rev counter


Bride Zeta 3 Bucket seat

Takata 6 points harness

DM Carbon Door card

Custom spec 10 points roll cage

DMS Race Car


DM Carbon custom bonnet

DM carbon front canard

DM carbon rear diffuser

Mugen rear spoiler

DM carbon front diffuser

Spoon mirror

DMS Race Car


Toyo R888 225/45/16


Buddyclub SF series 16 inch

Sponsor list

Tyres Supplied by Camskill

NGK plug supplied by Camskill


Oil supplied by Opie oils


Carbonetic for Diff, final drive and twin plate carbon clutch


Dixcel Brake – www.dixcelbrake.co.uk

DMS performance for Engine – www.dmfperformacneparts.co.uk

HEL – Braided line www.hosesolutions.org.uk

Hybrid racing for conversion kit – www.hybrid-racing.com

Artech tuning for engine mapping – http://www.artech-tuning.co.uk/

Buddyclub for Wheels – www.buddyclubuk.com

Car built and prepare by Dixon Motorsports – www.dmsracingltd.co.uk

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