PGK Moe's Passion Project EK Coupe
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PGK Moe's Passion Project EK Coupe

Apr 9, 2021
A Little bit about me:
My name is Moe Drennon, and I've been building Honda Chassis since about 2003. I originally started with a 91 integra DA with a B16 swap in high school and had multiple other builds. 2010 I was honored to be in Honda Tuning with my VSM EG hatch that had a JDM H22 swap.

Shortly after that featured the car immediately was swapped to a K series. The K series platform was growing tremendously back then, and I had to get a taste of it. After the EG hatch build I took a break from building cars. I was more focused on getting everything on track and stability with finances and getting into a house. to build another car one day was always on my mind. I was introduced to Hybrid Racing around 2011 from some friends, and from then on, it's been nothing but great quality from these guys and customer service. They have always stood behind their product, and I respect each one of those guys. Companies like Hybrid Racing are what keeps the drive alive and want to continue building because the product line just keeps getting better and better so this EK Coupe is what my current build is from that time!

Little background of the build:
I purchased this car as a shell from ATL GA. It was a guy that was a collector of multiple brand cars, but he wanted to get rid of this coupe shell. What brought my attention to it was that it was a shell already stripped! no interior, no harnesses, dash etc. Was perfect in my eyes because my entire vision was to cage the car, bucket seats, and add my own taste of mods and interior pieces, and use a Fuseless System PDM. so no wires were needed to control the car besides the custom harness that was made by Rywire. I believe I gave 400 bucks for the shell; it was originally VSM (Vogue Silver Metallic) but I ended up painting it OEM Taffeta White. It was just a rolling shell with nothing in it besides stock suspension so I could get it on the trailer and bring it home.

Fast forward to the build, my intention is to get the car on track and have some fun and be able to enjoy the car on nice cruises with some buddies and have no worries. That is what made me keep it NA so that way I can just hop in the car and drive anywhere I want. I have always wanted to build an EK coupe, and this car is very special to me. What makes it special to me is the modifications I did in house out of my own shop. From the car not having any bolts or clips on it, to completion. I have Learned how to paint on this car! That was a first for me and I really enjoyed that process of the build because it is a true art to painting a vehicle, and that is what makes it special to me because the flaws in the paint were not done by another body shop or the prep work, it was all me, and that's the bond between me and this build.

Props to all those painters because it was a tough job! Also wanted to put some new technology in the car from Digital dash CAN readings, and PDM junctions. So, this shell was a perfect start car for the modifications I had planned.
Starting from the exterior of the car...  
Voltex type 7 Swan Neck 1400MM
Renegade Motorsports Dry Carbon Stands
Brand New OEM EM1 tail lights 
Domani Rear Bumper
M Racing Mirrors
JDM thin Side Moldings
PCI 3inch Side Skirts
Tracklife 2 piece Full Fenders
Veilside Hood 
Phantom Composite Front Lip 
First Molding Canards
OEM EK9 Grille
Interior Mods
Hybrid Racing V3 Red RSX Shifter
Hybrid Racing Titanium Shift Rod
Hybrid Racing Titanium Shift knob
Willans X Renegade Motorsports 6 point harnesses
Kirk Racing Welded Cage with Taco Gussets, and pPillar Gussets, Xbracing
ASR Harness Reels
OMP WRC wheel with NSX horn button, 
AIM MXP Dash Street Icons
IDIDIT Steering Race Column
EDM air bagless Dash
Zoom Engineering Mirror
Rywire Switch Panel with Integrated PDM
RaceBred Component Heel Plates
Wheel and Brake Combo 
16x8.5 +30 CE28N Bronze (Front)
16+7 +33 CE28N Bronze (Rear)
Falken RT660s 215/45/16 all Around
Spoon Monoblock Calipers 
Spoon Rotors
ITR Spec 5 Lug 32MM
Brakenetic Rear Rotors
ITR Rear Calipers. 
RiactionUSA Coilovers 10k Front 12k Rear
Truhart Camber Arms front and back 
Insane Shaft Swap Axles
ASC speed metal 3pt Strut Tower Bar
ITR front Sway bar
HardRace Rear 25mm Sway Bar
ASR End links
TruHart Subframe Brace
Engine Mods 
K24 with K20 Head
Toda Spec C Cams
DTR Header
STL 3.5 inch titanium Intake
Checkered sports Coil Cover
Charlie Moua Valve Cover
TracTuff Coolant Swirl tank
TracTuff Thermostat housing and OEM Thermostat
Hybrid Racing Fuel Rail 
Hybrid Racing Dipstick 
Hybrid Racing Oil Cap 
Hybrid Coolant Cap 
Skunk2 Street intake Manifold 
Skunk2 70M Throttle body
Hasport Mounts
Rywire Mil Spec Harness
Rywire ALT and Starter Harness
Chasebays ground Kit 
Chasebays Tucked Radiator 
Downstar Hardware 
Thank you guys for the opportunity!

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