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1994 Honda Prelude Si VTEC

July 01, 2019 3 min read

1994 Honda Prelude Si VTEC



This 1994 Honda Prelude Si VTEC is being offered for sale on the owner's behalf. We do not own the car. If you are interested in purchasing this car please contact us so we can put you in touch with the owner of the car that will take care of the sale.

Basic Info
  • 1994 Honda Prelude Si VTEC
  • VIN: JHMBB117XRC001560
  • 236,xxx miles
  • Clean title (no reported wrecks, no evidence of collisions or repair, etc)
  • 3 owner (first 2 owners were father & son / 3rd owner is current title holder)
  • Black Interior
  • 5-speed manual trans
  • NO AC (no engine bay components)
  • NO PS (no pump or lines, rack is still there)
  • Power locks
  • Power Windows
  • Power sunroof
  • Azure Blue Green Pearl (BG-34P)
  • Authentic Mugen Aero Bumper Kit with light covers
  • Authentic Mugen Side Step Kit
  • Authentic Mugen Wing Kit
  • JDM One-piece black housing headlights
  • JDM Amber bumper lights
  • Authentic Vision Carbon Fiber side mirrors 
The exterior of this 94 Prelude is in amazing condition. The paint is nearly flawless and the Mugen body panels fit great with all of their original brackets and hardware. We had the entire car cleaned and polished to remove any swirls from it sitting for the last few years. There is one small ding on the upper driver door, smaller than a penny. There are a few stone chips on the front of both fenders. The paint appears to be original so this isn't uncommon. All of the plastics, moldings and rubber seals are in great condition. This car shows it has been cared for its whole life. 
  • Black cloth front seats
  • Black Vinyl rear seats
  • Suede MOMO steering wheel
  • NRG Slim hub adapter
  • NRG Quick Release 
  • Eclipse headunit & DVD player
  • Hybrid Racing MAXIM shift knob
  • Mugen Pedal set
The interior of this car is in very, very good shape. The front seats are in near perfect condition, the carpets are free of stains. The rear seats are in great shape, no cracks or tears. The only downfall would be the center section of the door panels. They've been swapped out for cloth versions which are a bit worn and should be recovered. The dash is free of any cracks, tears or issues although there appears to be some leftover residue from something that was stuck to it years ago. 
  • Low mileage H22A (from Hmotorsonline)
  • Aftermarket stainless steel header & exhaust (generic brand)
  • Stock shifter cables, shifter & Clutch
  • New OEM style radiator & hoses
  • New Serpentine belt
  • Fresh fluids (engine, transmission, etc)
  • New OEM engine mounts
  • AEM short ram intake
  • "Mild" wire tuck
The engine that came with the car was removed by the current owner and installed into another one of his projects. We sourced a JDM H22A swap from HMO and installed it in its place. The engine runs great and has no issues. There have been no modifications done to the engine except the intake, header, and exhaust.
Wheels / Tires / Suspension / Misc
  • 15x6.5 4x113.4 Mugen M7 wheels
  • Falken 205/50/15 tires
  • Rays Aluminum lug nuts
  • Tein Flex Coilovers (brand new)
  • Trunk Mounted battery
We installed a set of brand new TEIN Flex coilovers and flushed the entire brake system. The wheels and tires are in great condition although the wheels are just as old as the car. The wheels have no curb marks or damage although they should be properly restored if you want them to look perfect. They do have some oxidation. The tires are older but are nearly new in tread depth. 
Issues / notes
  • CEL does come on when driving a bit. The code is related to the EGR valve / EGR system. Does not affect performance but it does come on. 
  • ABS light comes on after driving. Not sure why but could be a faulty sensor or ABS pump. 
  • No AC, No PS. The AC system remains under the dash but does not include anything in the engine bay. 
  • The car has an aftermarket alarm installed. It doesn't have a siren but it will prevent the car from starting unless it is disarmed. 
  • There is a missing panel in the center console. It looks like some sort of switch panel was installed but has since been removed. 
  • It appears there is a scratch on the lower LH side rear fender. It was covered with touch up paint and is hardly noticeable. 

Overall this car is in exceptional shape and condition for the mileage and age. There are very few cars of this quality still around and the price will reflect that. This car was featured in Honda Tuning in 2005, a quick google search shows the car was in amazing condition then and hasn't changed much in almost 14 years!
Asking price: SOLD
Please contact David for more info or to arrange a test drive. 


David Cordell
David Cordell

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