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Hybrid Racing


Marauder c/o Zoshmfg Hoodie

  • Special Edition
  • 100% Gildan Cotton
  • Black w/white print
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  • I created the brand Marauder in 2015 sitting in a garage with my closest friends. Trying to come up with a cool team name, I stumbled upon the name Marauder from a song by Logic titled “Midnight Marauder”. The definition of Marauder is “someone who marauds, a raider.” With that being the perfect definition, it was set in stone that Marauder would represent us. Later down the road, I started marketing Marauder as a worldwide brand by selling banners and eventually making apparel.  What it means to be a Marauder is to be someone who doesn't conform to the norm, someone who attacks their goals and dreams, and someone who invades their fears and insecurities. Most importantly, someone who conquers any and everything they put their mind to. 

    Thanks for supporting ya boy by wearing my apparel!